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Looking for replacement parts that won't cost an arm and a leg? Check out the Crown product line at Family Car today/
When it comes to your automobile, are you obsessively neat and organized? If yes, then you definitely won't be able to sleep when a particular part or component of your vehicle breaks down. Luckily, when that happens, you don't have to go crazy. A loose door handle, an inaccurate fuel gauge, or a busted headlight switch can be easily replaced. But looking for them individually can drive you even crazier. When looking for these replacement parts, just check out the Crown product line and find what you need.
Crown has been in the business of providing OE parts and products to drivers across the United States. It produces fender flares, side mirrors, lighting assemblies, door handles, side markers, and many more. With this brand, you can be sure of excellent quality and reliability. This is because all of its products go through detailed manufacturing processes and rigorous durability tests. That way, your obsessive-compulsive tendencies can be satisfied-to say the least. In addition, Crown products are also made to work in various vehicle types. So whether you have an SUV, a pickup truck, or even a compact vehicle, you can be sure that these products would suit your vehicle.
Think about it. With Crown, you get superior quality and durability at a price that's not hard on the wallet. If you're looking for replacement parts to satisfy your obsessive-compulsive tendencies, don't settle for run-of-the-mill parts and accessories. At the end of the day, you'll feel more comfortable knowing that you've invested in quality products.

Crown Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Crown Product, For the Right Job

    Crown is the recognized leader in the field of producting quality replacement parts for Jeep.

    With focus on quality, Crown tests parts rigorously and thoroughly before distribution.

    Crown has over 8,000 replacement parts in its comprehensive inventory.

    When it comes to Jeep parts, Crown is the brand to look for.

    Your car gives you the freedom to travel-wherever, whenever, long or short. Whatever your plans may be, make sure your belt is in good condition. You have to check the pulleys as well, especially the acc. belt idler pulley. If the idler pulley is loose, the belt could snap off and get torn apart by the other pulleys. If you've got a loose or broken idler pulley, replace it with the Crown Acc. Belt Idler Pulley. You'll know you've got loose pulleys if the belt creaks every time the engine runs. It pulls several pulleys to drive different parts - the water pump, alternator and power steering pump. The idler pulley guides the belt to make sure it stays aligned with the different pulleys. A torn belt will disable these parts and cause your engine to overheat or your battery to run dry. Or worse, the crankshaft may yank so hard on the belt that it damages other pulleys, needing very expensive repairs. Why pay more when you can invest in the Crown Acc. Belt Idler Pulley. It'll keep your belt aligned perfectly with the rest of your pulleys. Crown designed it to meet and exceed OEM specifications, so installing it is easy. It'll last longer than your old pulley too. So what are you waiting for? Visit CarParts now and order the Crown Acc. Belt Idler Pulley!

    The smoothest driver always wins the race. This is the secret to driving like a pro. But you have to take care of your car. There's no point in aspiring to be a race driver if you keep thrashing your ride. When the clutch pedal becomes heavy and creaks, it's time to replace the clutch pedal shaft bushing. If not, heavy clutch footwork can damage the shaft. What you need is the Crown Clutch Pedal Shaft Bush. Kit. Be careful when taking your clutch pedal apart. You'll find the shaft bushing sitting in between the shaft and the clutch spring. If you can't find it there, it's probably been torn apart completely. You'll also likely find that the spring has started to grind down on the shaft. That's bad. If you wait long enough before replacing the bushing, there'd be nothing useful left of the shaft. Use the Crown Clutch Pedal Shaft Bush. Kit to install a new bushing. This clutch pedal shaft bush. kit comes complete with everything you need so you can install it easily yourself. But before you do, you have to order it first. Check out CarParts now and place your order for the Crown Clutch Pedal Shaft Bush. Kit. It'll bring your clutch back to racing condition.

    In war, it doesn't matter who is right. What matters is who is left. But in driving, you got to have a balance. Having your car steer left or right by itself is a sure sign of a broken steering column brng. You'll soon feel the steering wheel becoming heavier to turn and making terrible noises. If you leave your car like that, the steering may totally break down soon. Fix it real quick. Replace the damaged bearing with the Crown Steering Column Brng. Your car has many different kinds of bearings. They all do the same thing - they allow shafts to rotate freely and with little resistance. The steering column brng. makes turning the steering wheel possible, even on cars without power steering. But once it's damaged, it'll make you wish you were sitting in the passenger seat. Solve the problem right away with the Crown Steering Column Brng. It will bring back effortless steering in no time. Crown prides itself in giving car owners affordable solutions to their problems. They designed this bearing to meet and exceed OEM specifications, so it will last much longer than your old bearing. It will lighten the load on your arms and improve your car's handling. With the Crown Steering Column Brng., soon you'll be thumbing your way around traffic. Avail our great deals on this product right now only here at CarParts.