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Modern cars nowadays are quiet-almost too quiet. They lack the rumble which characterizes the great muscle cars of American history. But that isn't entirely bad. What's bad is if you've got a new car and its exhaust growls like an oldie. It could be a busted cat. converter gasket. Fix it right away unless you want to fail in your next emissions test. You need the CRP Cat. Converter Gasket. Car makers have grown concern for people's health as well as the environment. That's why new cars have what is called the catalytic converter. It filters the exhaust from your engine and keeps harmful gases from escaping into open air. If you're car's exhaust suddenly makes a loud tone, it's probably the exhaust escaping through a broken gasket. Fix it right away with the CRP Cat. Converter Gasket. It fits perfectly in between the flanges of your exhaust and stops gases from leaking. CRP makes its gaskets meet and even exceed OEM specifications for utmost durability. Just remember to tighten the flange bolts to the right torque settings to avoid damaging the gasket. Overtightening is the common cause of gasket-failure. Follow your manual and you'll be fine doing the repair yourself. It's time to start being friendly to the environment. Fix your catalytic converter now with the CRP Cat. Converter Gasket.