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CTEK is the globally recognized brand when it comes to high quality battery chargers.

CTEK Batteries were adjuedged 'Best in Test' for three years in a row.

Every CTEK battery is designed to provide maximum performance and ensure safety for users.

Quality, service and responsibility are the virtues that CTEK lives by.

If you've ever found it hard to start your car, the first thing you should suspect is the battery. Batteries usually get discharged from a number of reasons. In cold weather, battery acid can freeze, while in hot climates, extended periods of sitting in traffic with the air conditioner on can really suck the battery's power. You need something more than your car's alternator to keep your battery up and running. This is it- the CTEK Battery Charger. Known as the world's smartest battery charger, it's so simple to use that even kids can do it. But don't let the kids mess around with your car, especially its battery. This is the best remedy to your hard-starting and battery problems. Simply hook its clamps over your battery's terminals, without removing it from your car, and then plug it into a wall socket. Then it automatically charges your battery to full. Even if you leave it plugged in for months, it won't damage your battery. In SUPPLY mode, the CTEK Battery Charger can be used to power up your car even if your battery is fully drained. And in RECOND mode, it actually treats the acid inside your battery, restoring its full charge potential and thus lengthens its service life. You won't find anything like this elsewhere in the market. That is why it's used by millions of professionals on their vehicles. You've got to try it to believe it. Your battery's in good hands with the CTEK Battery Charger.