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CV Joint

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Ensure that all force is shifted properly from your driveshaft to the wheels. Cover your constant velocity joint with quality CV joints and boots.
Have you ever wondered how you can move your arms and legs? Well, moving those body parts are made possible by something called joints. Your car also uses joints too, if you must know. And just like your arms and legs, these joints allow some parts of your car to move to achieve a smoother operation. One of these joints your car uses is called the CV joint.
In order for your body joints to function, a protective layer of muscle is applied. That's the same way with your car's CV joint. In your CV joint's case, this protective layer is called the CV joints & boots. This auto contraption is made from high-impact rubber to ensure a smooth flow of torque from one driveshaft to the wheels. This is done without sacrificing the speed of the driven shaft inside your car. The end result of this process is a smoother and more efficient overall operation of your car.
If there's something wrong with your car's CV joints & boots, you need to replace them as soon as possible. If your car has damaged CV joint boot, power from the driveshaft won't be transferred efficiently to the wheels. Basically, your car loses power and burns more fuel. So better take the first move and have it inspected by a mechanic right away.