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Cylinder Head Gasket

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The head gasket is the part of your car's engine system that contains all the heat and compression generated by your car's engine. The goal of the head gasket is to seal all combustion chambers, coolant and oil passages between the head and block, making the head gasket one of the most critical gaskets in your engine. The head gasket is placed between the cylinder head and the engine block.
Various car manufacturers produce their own head gaskets for the particular makes of their automobiles. So whatever your car's needs are, there's a head gasket set just for you.
Time will come that your head gasket will leak or blow. Symptoms of these include coolant in the engine oil, engine oil in the coolant, and overheating. If the cause is overheating, the thermostat, radiator, water pump, and EGR system should be checked to determine why the engine got too hot.
Always remember, when your head gasket fails, a replacement head gasket should immediately be installed. Head gaskets fail due to various reasons, which includes the design of the engine or the gasket itself, installation errors, and as mentioned, overheating. Replacement should immediately be done before the radiator gets damaged further, as a damaged head gasket transfers cylinder heat and pressure to the cooling system, blowing up the radiator.

Cylinder Head Gasket Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Cylinder Head Gasket

    Keep oil and other contaminants away from your cylinder head. Make sure it contains a durable cylinder head gasket.
    Most old folks would say that some things are better kept inside. That's true especially in the case of your car's engine. Your engine needs a seal to ensure its contents would stay inside it while it is in operation. And to ensure a well-sealed engine, you should have a quality cylinder head gasket.
    Cylinder head gaskets seal the area between the cylinder heads and the engine block. This seal ensures proper compression is to obtain efficient combustion. Also, sealing is needed to prevent oil and coolant leaks to maintain efficient engine operation. Once you have leaks in the engine, you lose power in your vehicle, increase the risk of engine overheating and premature damage to engine components. Seals might be a simple thing, but it goes a long way if you're talking about your engine.
    Using a defective cylinder head gasket would only cause you problems. As said earlier, leaks can mean the end for your engine. If you think your engine is leaking out any kind of fluid like oil or coolant, you better have its gasket checked by a mechanic right away. This way, you can address the problem before it gets worse. Plus, you would have enough time to search for a replacement for your damaged gasket. So always keep your cylinder head gaskets in top form. If you need new ones, better get them immediately.

  • Cylinder Head Gasket: Just the Facts

    When your vehicle's engine overheats, the cylinder head is likely to be damaged as well. And not only that! Excessive engine heat can also cause the cylinder head gasket to become bent and warped. And simple and plain as it may seem, a damaged cylinder head gasket, when damaged can bring more serious problems. Topping the list, your vehicle's engine can suffer compression loss, which can lead to power reduction. Also, exhaust gases will be forced into the cooling system, allowing motor oil to mix with the antifreeze. To prevent the entry of engine oil, coolant and air into the cylinder, make sure that your vehicle's cylinder head gasket is in perfect shape. If you need to replace your stock cylinder head gasket, search no further. Auto Parts Deal can give you the cylinder head gasket that's perfect for your vehicle's engine.

    • Securely seals the cylinders to ensure maximum compression

    • Prevents leaking coolant and engine oil from entering the cylinder

    • Designed to endure extreme heat and pressure

  • Cylinder Head Gasket: What Every Car Owner Should Know

    Your vehicle's engine uses a variety of seals and gaskets to ensure smooth, contaminant-free engine operations. Perhaps the most important sealing application in the engine is the cylinder head gasket set. If your vehicle is equipped with a 6 or 8-cylinder engine, then your vehicle's engine comes with two cylinder head gaskets. The cylinder head gasket acts as a seal between the engine block and the engine's cylinders. By making the engine's cylinders airtight, the cylinder head gasket ensures maximum compression and prevents coolant or engine oil leakage into the cylinders. Cylinder head gaskets are usually designed to hold their own against high amounts of pressure and heat in the engine bay. Overheating, however, could ultimately render the cylinder head gasket set useless. Extreme heat could cause both the cylinder heads and the cylinder head gasket to warp and expand, resulting in leakage and pressure loss. When this happens, a premium cylinder head gasket set must be ready to replace the stock. To get the best cylinder head gasket set, shop only right here at Auto Parts Deal. Here, you'll not only be satisfied by the product's quality, you'll be happy with the low prices, too.

    • A cylinder head gasket set from us is designed to provide maximum clamping force.

    • A topnotch cylinder head gasket set is also computer-engineered to fit virtually all engine applications.

    • No matter what type of cylinder head gasket you want, you can definitely find it at our extensive online catalogs.