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Wondering why there are too many similarities between the old Daewoo parts and those of the new Chevrolets? Too much to be a coincidence? There's no piracy or anything fishy in here. It's just that many Chevrolet models are actually a rebadge of Daewoo vehicles, with Daewoo already partly owned by General Motors now. And ever since its merge with GM, Daewoo has already come a long way.Today, the newest line in GM Daewoo's 'New Ways, Always' campaign comprises of eight new sleek and elegant automobiles. Among these are the newest Tosca midsize sedan and Winstorm SUV included in Daewoo's 'Tosca, Winstorm Oh My Car Festival' held last April and May 2008.. All the new launches are packed with impressive and high-end Daewoo car parts for absolute style. Aside from this, they have the same performance Daewoo auto parts that have taken so many sports car lovers into the height of performance.And on top of this new line of Daewoo automobiles to look out for is the assurance that Daewoo parts are here to stay. So, you have no reason to worry about not finding aftermarket components when the time comes to replace any of your Daewoo's authentic parts. Whether you have a late-model Daewoo, a Chevy rebadge, or any of the new Daewoo models, you will always find reliable component replacements in the online automotive market.

Daewoo Articles

  • Closer Look at Daewoo Automobiles

    Does it pay to be second? When people think "Korean automobiles", they usually talk about Hyundai or Kia. Both companies or "chaebols", represent two ends of a spectrumso that leaves Daewoo square in the middle. But that's not such a bad thing. The fact is that the company has proven to be thriving in its little nichecoming out with simply reliable automobiles that many have come to regard as a "perfect" first ride. Long after the company was absorbed by Chrysler, their manufacturing sensibilities and style still shine throughChrysler retained their manufacturing arm.

    Daewoo always had a very strong pedigree backing it upit had a very diverse portfolio of industries and services: from construction to even small arms manufacturing. It is little wonder that, even today, some of its older automobile models are still popular options for those who want an affordable yet dependable ride. If you're concerned that there isn't a market for Daewoo parts to keep your ride up and running, don't fret. There is a thriving market producing a whole range of replacements parts, OEM upgrades, and accessoriesall of these sure to breathe new life into an old great.

    The parts are available for a wide range of models over the yearsthe prides of Daewooand cover every imaginable want and need. Is the air conditioning a bit on the fritz? You can find high-quality condensers, compressors, hoses, plugs, and motors that will bring back the cool. Is the engine struggling to keep up the pace? There are extremely durable gears, crankshafts, camshafts, valves, and covers to get that engine purring like new. Do you just want to personalize your ride and make it your own? Top brands are selling some stylish accessories as well. It clearly does pay to be second when you've manage to own the niche that you are known forand Daewoo does that exceptionally well!

  • Discover More About Daewoo

    In Korea, Daewoo is the second largest business conglomerate. Before, it sold vehicles under its own name in the European, Southeast Asian, American markets. Unfortunately, it withdrew from these markets due to bad reputation of quality. Probably because it's an Asian company, people must have thought that the vehicles there weren't crafted well. However, this did not stop the company from believing that they could penetrate the market.

    Currently, Daewoo builds different compact vehicle for various GM divisions, such as Suzuki and Chevrolet in the United States of America. They have also erased the reputation of selling low-quality automobiles and have reached it to the top. One of the automobiles that were sold and reached the American market was the Lanos. This was produced from 1999 until 2002. It had a 1.6-liter four-cylinder just good for a 105 horsepower and 107 pound-feet torque. This model was a great and affordable entry-level.

    Daewoo vehicles are outstanding that everyone can use it. The interior design is spacious and can fit an average size of a family. This is a great automobile that you can take to the mountains with your wife and kids or go to and from the office on weekdays. There are a lot of models offered by the company, such as the Matiz, India, and Espero; all of these are great vehicles that you can still see running today. If you own a vehicle manufactured by the company, then you better check up on its components to keep it operating for a longer time. Have new Daewoo parts installed to get rid of the busted units. Even the smallest damaged piece can cause the greatest vehicular accidents. So if you want to preserve your car and keep it running for many more years, then you better give it the proper upkeep it deserves.