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Daewoo Leganza Parts and Daewoo Leganza Accessories

What You Need to Know about Your Daewoo Leganza

  • Though it is a product of a Korean automaker, the Daewoo Leganza was penned by a well-known Italian designer and a valuable member of Italdesign, Giorgetto Guigiaro. Leganza's design was believed to be inspired the 1990 Jaguar Kensington concept car, which was also made by Guigiaro.
  • Since it was introduced in 1997, the Daewoo Leganza has been used in almost 50 movies and TV series not only in Korea but also in the US and other countries. Leganza appeared in the famous American police procedural series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami as well as in other sitcoms such as Primeval and Arrested Development. This vehicle model was also seen in several movies, including Lost, G.I Joe: Rise of Cobra, Cassandra's Dream, Pitbull, Treasure Raiders, and Cat Run. It was also featured in Meet Dave, Peep Show, Bread and Roses, as well as in Swiri.
  • Unlike many Korean cars sold in the international market, Leganza didn't change its name and was invariably marketed as Daewoo Leganza. However, it has a short-lived version named Doninvest Kondor, which was assembled by the Russian Doninvest Corporation.
  • Did you know that Daewoo is the third South Korean company (next to Kia and Hyundai) that tried its luck in the passenger-car segment of the US market? The Leganza was the largest and the most expensive of the three models launched by the company in the US in 1999. Though it was aimed for the front-drive compact sedan segment, the Leganza was considered as a luxury midsize Subaru model. This Subaru model was also considered as the flagship for the South Korean automaker's venture in the U.S. market's sales race.
  • In some markets, however, the Leganza was considered as a reasonably priced executive vehicle because by the time it was introduced, this model came a little longer than majority of mid-size Asian or European cars.
  • When marketing the Leganza, Daewoo paid special attention to the developing market, which led to the development of Leganzas in various countries including Romania, Poland, Uzbekistan, and Russia. The assembly was done either in Daewoo-owned plants or under license agreements. The assembly process, however, involves knock down kit only because all Leganzas were manufactured at the company's main assembly plant in Bupyong, Korea.

Daewoo Leganza Articles

  • Problems Daewoo Leganza Owners are Likely to Encounter

    A mid-size sedan, the Daewoo Leganza was part of the company's plan to come up with proprietary vehicles that will take the place of previous GM-licensed automobiles. During its development, it was called the V100; T100 (Daewoo Lanos) and J100 (Daewoo Nubria) were its siblings. By the time it was introduced, the Leganza was a little longer than most mid-size vehicles in Asia and Europe. This is why it is recognized in some markets as an inexpensive executive car. Owners of Leganza are more likely to encounter these common problems:


    Daewoo Leganzas released for 1998, 1999, and 2001 model years may have engine problems due to a camshaft position sensor that may melt, therefore causing smoke and burning smell. This situation can also result in melting of the camshaft cover as well as the wire harness of the camshaft position sensor. Worse, it can possibly lead to underhood fire. Because of this low-quality camshaft position sensor, Daewoo recalled more than 11,000 units in September 2004.

    There are also owners who reported that the EGR valve solenoid may contact the hot valve and melt. Some said the resistor card in the fuel sender may be defective, resulting in inaccurate fuel gauge readings.


    Influenced by the Office of Vehicle Safety and Compliance, Daewoo Motor America also issued a recall for certain 1998, 1999, and 2001 Daewoo Leganza models due to safety concerns. The recall issued in June 2001 states that certain passenger vehicles fail to meet the requirements of FMVSS No. 201, which contains provisions in “occupant protection in interior impact.” More than 58,000 Daewoo Leganzas issued during the said years have exceeded the maximum allowable head injury criterion value as indicated in the standard target location for passenger side A-pillar.

    If this problem isn't resolved and the vehicle gets involved in a crash, the front-seat passenger could suffer severe head injury from contact with the passenger A pillar. To fix this problem, dealer set out to outfit the A pillar with padding to help minimize the risk of injury during a crash.

    General concerns

    There are also general complaints and issues raised by Daewoo Leganza drivers. Among such are poor transmission shift due to shifter vibration at high engine RPMs, indicator light malfunction, odometer issues, interior cosmetic problems, and a few other minor glitches.