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For quality hoses, Dayco is a brand that you should know. Learn more about the brand by clicking on the link.
Hoses aren't just for watering your plants. They're also used to circulate fluids like oil and coolant inside your car in order to keep it running smoothly. A good example of an automotive hose is the radiator hose which maintains the circulation of coolant inside your engine properly. But just like any car part, problems with these hoses will arrive at some point in the future. But don't you worry, a solution to these hose-related problems is easy to attain. There's a well-known company named Dayco that's ready to help you out when the need arises.
Automotive hoses aren't just the only thing Dayco is known for. They're also renowned for manufacturing automotive tensioners, belts, and pulleys that can greatly improve the performance of your car. And to accomplish that feat, Dayco employs the aid of nearly 5,000 people to come up with the best automotive power transmission and cooling system components such as the accessory belt tensioner and radiator hose. Plus, Dayco operates a number of production plants all around the globe to service the automotive needs of many people.
Safety is another thing you can enjoy with each accessory belt tensioner or radiator hose you use from Dayco. That's because Dayco's products pass safety certification standards by putting them through meticulous tests. And not only that, you can also be sure that their products aren't hazardous to the environment. Dayco makes it a point to comply with ISO9001, TS16949, and ISO1400 standard certifications to avoid any danger to the planet. With those benefits in mind, it's no wonder why many drivers choose Dayco for their hoses.

Dayco Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Dayco Product, For the Right Job

    Dayco is a renowned leader in the production and distribution of belts, hoses, tensioners and pulleys for automotives.

    Dayco is recognized both by OEM and aftermarket as an organization driven by innovation and technology.

    For more than 100 years, Dayco has consistently delivered high quality auto products.

    Dayco runs a fully integrated global network of technical facilities to provide the best service to its consumers.

    Running on a flat tire isn't half as bad as running your belt on a broken pulley. At least a flat tire will still get you to the nearest gas station. A broken acc. belt idler pulley, however, will destroy your belt instantly and shut down almost half of what's under your hood. Replace it as soon as possible with the Dayco Acc. Belt Idler Pulley. As soon as you hear whining around the belt, that's the pulley-bearing getting ready to quit. Once its ball-bearings get crushed, the pulley will roll out of alignment and cause the belt to snap loose. Then the crankshaft pulley is free to tear the belt into pieces. You'll be lucky if that's all that happens. Loose the belt the wrong way and the crankshaft will yank so hard it'll damage the other pulleys - alternator, water pump and power steering pump as well. That's sure to cost you much, much more than a new belt. Replace that old pulley with the Dayco Acc. Belt Idler Pulley. Dayco makes sure each pulley meets and exceeds OEM specifications. Each pulley is tested for balance and rigidity to make sure your belt keeps rolling in alignment. You'll never have torn belts ever again. This product is yours to avail at great prices. Just visit CarParts now and place your order for the Dayco Acc. Belt Idler Pulley.

    Having a belt snap under your hood is one of the most exhilarating-if not terrifying-experiences. You can only describe it as that point where you're torn between shutting the engine down quickly or running to the nearest gas station. If you don't shut it off immediately, the belt will be shred apart even more and your accessories - water pump, alternator and power steering pump - will all shut down. It wouldn't have happened if you had replaced the acc. belt tensioner assy. What you need is the Dayco Acc. Belt Tensioner Assy. The belt runs around several pulleys, and is driven mainly by the crankshaft at the bottom of your engine. The acc. belt tensioner assy keeps the belt tightly wound around all the pulleys. Sometimes, however, the tensioner loosens, maybe because of a worn-out spring or loose bolts. Whatever the reason, you have to replace it as soon as possible. The Dayco Acc. Belt Tensioner Assy is made to meet and exceed OEM specifications. Its spring system will keep the belt tightly wound around the pulleys for miles on end. Now you can stop worrying about the belt getting torn apart. This product will make sure the belt stays where it should. Check out the Dayco Acc. Belt Tensioner Assy in our catalogs here in CarParts. Avail of our great deals and place your order now!

    Most car owners admit that their cars eat up most of their time and money. That's all right. But if your car starts eating the belt running around the pulleys, you better pay attention. When your engine shreds its belt over and over again even though it's tight, there is something wrong with the tensioner pulley. Just throw it out and replace it with the Dayco Acc. Belt Tension Pulley! Before your engine victimizes another belt, take time to study what's really going on. It's not your belt that's the problem. Replacing it is like throwing yourself into a lion's den - it's useless and costly. The reason your belt is getting chewed up is because the acc. belt tension pulley has broken loose from its bearing. The belt is no longer in alignment with the other pulleys, so it snaps off unexpectedly. If it's only the belt that has been shredded, consider yourself lucky. The next time it happens, it could get yanked hard by the crankshaft and damage the rest of the pulleys it's hanging on. Fix it permanently with the Dayco Acc. Belt Tension Pulley. Or else, you'd be churning out more bucks to repair or replace the rest of your pulleys plus a new belt. Dayco makes sure its tension pulley is well-balanced and rigid to avoid belt mishaps. Better invest in this product than keep buying belts. So check out our online catalogs here in CarParts and order the Dayco Acc. Belt Tension Pulley right now!