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You know that a superior exhaust system is a must for superior auto performance. The DC Sports Exhaust System has been dyno-tested to outperform all other exhaust systems on the market. By choosing a DC Sports Header you can have your gas last longer and farther on the road, and at the same time, you get the smooth sound that you've only been wishing for.

This is made possible by the superior DC Sports Muffler which has a wide-open core for the best possible gas flow. The DC Header can get gases out of your engine more efficiently than any other header. And you get more horsepower for your car. DC Sports Exhaust System has 304-stainless steel piping and a polished tip on which you can find the DC Sports logo. They are available in three designs: single canister (system SCS), dual canister system (DCS), and even twin canisters (TCS), depending on which exhaust system you want for you car.

DCS is more aggressive than SCS while TCS is for special applications because of its unmatched power. And unlike other exhaust systems in the market, the DC Sports Exhaust system comes in an easy installation process that will save you hours of your precious time/

Now that you already know what to get for your car's superior performance, switch to DC Sports, the superior power booster.

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  • Tips on Buying DC Sports Exhaust & Headers

    DC Sports exhaust systems blow the competition away. Dyno tested to outperform every comparable system on the market, DC Sports exhaust systems ensure the best performance and sound for your vehicle through the extensive research and development that goes into every system design. Featuring a straight-through muffler core, DC Sports exhaust systems are hand welded and CNC Mandrel bent, utilize factory mounting locations, and come with complete hardware for fast and easy installation. The 304-stainless steel piping of DC Sports exhaust systems feature the DC Sports logo emblazoned on a polished tip for added style and attraction for your sport vehicle.
    Versatility and user-specific needs are covered with DC. You can choose a Universal Muffler system, perfect for enthusiasts with custom applications; or one of three custom designs by DC Sports exhaust systems. The Single Canister Catback system features a 4-inch straight-cut tip. Achieve an aggressive growl with the Dual Canister system with polished 4-inch exhaust tips, or get unmatched power and a unique look from the Twin Canister system (for select applications only). One popular DC Sports exhaust system is the Neon SRT-4, featuring a unique design that sets it apart from other exhaust systems. From the factory down pipe, the Neon SRT-4 steps to a three-inch straight section that splits into dual 2.5-inch Y-pipes, which together form a merge collector that improves exhaust flow and provides a great response on the dyno. This system uses a single resonator in the straight section rather than exhaust canisters, and comes with a factory set-up muffler clamp to make installation a snap.
    Key features of all DC Sports exhaust systems include straight-through muffler cores to deliver aggressive exhaust notes and maximum power; perfect fits using CNC mandrel bends with TIG-welded flanges; exhaust noise restriction requirements for late model systems; street-inspired design; and comprehensive instructions including all necessary hardware. Your street machine will benefit in style and performance from a DC Sports exhaust system or DC headers.
    To further enhance the look of your vehicle, DC headers and DC Sports headers provide sleek style and character when mounted on your hood. These polished, 100 percent stainless steel headers (including the flanges) are coated with a proprietary brushed ceramic finish for added polish and protection. DC headers and DC sports headers are precision welded, with a tooled, one-off fabricated look that brings originality to any sport vehicle. With the exception of race headers and turbo manifolds, all DC Sports headers are 50-state legal, either C.A.R.B. exempt or pending C.A.R.B. exempt, for safe and fun driving.

  • Choosing the Right DC Sports Product, For the Right Job

    Gain horsepower and get the sport compact sound you've been craving by installing a DC Sports exhaust system

    A DC header gets gasses out of your engine more efficiently resulting in torque and horsepower across the rev range

    By installing in the stock locations, DC Sports exhaust components save you hours on installation time

    Choose a stainless DC Sports exhaust system for the ultimate in good looks and durability

    We don't know why more exhaust manufacturers don't take a page from the DC Sports exhaust system catalog and build their systems to fit in the stock locations. After all, it doesn't matter how good a system performs if it takes days of bending and welding to get it to fit. A DC Sports exhaust utilizes factory hangers and mounting points to ensure you get a great, out-of-the-way fit from your new components. From there, DC Sports exhaust products build in all the premium features you'd expect from a high end performance exhaust system. For example, you'll find stainless steel used throughout every DC Sports exhaust system, with CNC mandrel bends providing large, high-flow curves. Anywhere hardware is required for your installation, the DC Sports exhaust kit you receive will include it. The muffler used on DC Sports exhaust systems is a hand-welded high flow design with a wide open core for the best possible gas flow with legal sound output. At the end, your DC Sports exhaust will have a polished stainless tip with the instantly recognizable DC Sports exhaust logo. Whatever you drive and whatever look you're going for, there's a DC Sports exhaust for you: Single canister, dual canister, and even twin canister tandem applications are in stock and ready to go, so get your DC Sports exhaust today and get ready for some real performance.

    You know you have to have a DC header on your sport compact to really get the most out of your engine's abilities. All the air you can squeeze into the cylinders doesn't make a bit of difference if the burned gasses can't get out efficiently. And guess what: your factory manifold isn't efficient. A DC header, on the other hand, is made up of individual runners heading back to a common collector. Compare that to your stock manifold, which most likely looks like a log that all the cylinders have to dump into. Since each cylinder gets its own individual exhaust pipe on the DC header, you avoid competing exhaust pulses, backpressure, and unequal pressures, all of which can stop the exhaust in its tracks. DC header designs include four-into-one, four-into-two, and various racing configurations. Which DC header is right for you depends upon how you intend to use your car. For street and strip combo use, choose a DC header that gives good low-end torque at the expense of absolute peak horsepower. If you road race or drag race, high-end power may be what you want from your DC header, torque or not. No matter which you choose, you'll find stainless steel, CNC mandrel bends, and thick, welded flanges across the entire DC header lineup. That way, you can choose the performance characteristics you want and always be assured that your DC header will deliver quality workmanship.

    Turbulence and backpressure are the big enemies of your exhaust system, since they rob horsepower by preventing smooth exhaust gas exit. Your ally is found in the DC Sports header. A DC Sports header bolted on in place of your stock exhaust manifold can improve gas flow by a factor of four, which means low restriction, low turbulence, and almost zero backpressure. How? Rather than dumping all the exhaust into a single plenum like a log-style manifold does, a DC Sports header gives each exhaust pulse unimpeded access to the collector several feet away. As it travels down its individual tube in the DC Sports header, the exhaust pulse loses energy and slows down, so that by the time it reaches the collector it no longer has the energy to cause backpressure all the way back up at the cylinder head. Thus the next exhaust pulse is free to race down the tube without restriction. A properly-designed unit like the DC Sports header can even use the pressure waves to suck subsequent exhaust pulses from the cylindersort of like a reverse turbocharger. The scavenging effect of a DC Sports header is particularly important if you're running forced induction or nitrous, due to the high volume of exhaust gas. A DC Sports header will ensure that you get the most out of your induction system. And with stainless steel used throughout, thick, laser cut flanges, and machine welds, your DC Sports header will help you get the most for a long time to come.