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The Dee Zee Running Boards are offered with a variety of finishing and step patterns to custom-fit your truck or SUVs with that unique need and desire. The Dee Zee running boards are guaranteed tough, durable, and slip proof. And what else should you ask for your running board right? Dee Zee offers the latest innovative styles of running boards leading in the market. It looks great upon installation, just as if it was factory-installed and installs easily.

Dee Zee Running Boards are constructed with the top-of-the-line quality and with a polished steel for a complete brawny, rugged and remarkable appearance. We carry an extensive variety of Dee Zee products as a reliable partner of true quality auto equipment parts. It made its name known with a fantastic line of Dee Zee Running Boards for trucks, vans, and SUVs. Times have changed, and Dee Zee now makes lots of truck accessories, while keeping close track to their launching product, the Dee Zee Running Board. Now, the Dee Zee Running Boards are produced in a variety of styles and configurations so that you can customize the look of your truck while getting Dee Zee Running Board quality at every step.

A Dee Zee Running Board adds a nice, finishing look to the lower section of your truck, van, or SUV. More importantly, a new set of Dee Zee Running Boards will make your truck more easily accessible for you and your passengers. On top of that, it assures you a safer entry and exit to your vehicle. The Dee Zee Running Boards' metal construction assures you get only the strongest step possible. It is indeed your investment of a lifetime.

Check out the Dee Zee Nerf Bars and Dee Zee Tool Box for a more protected and comfortable life on the roads.

Dee Zee Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Dee Zee Running Boards, Nerf Bars & Mud Flaps

    A good running board is an attractive and versatile addition to any pickup, van or SUV. For a high quality running board, look to Dee Zee running boards, offering factory controlled powder-coat protection for their aluminum products that prevents rust and makes soap-and-water cleaning a snap. Dee Zee running boards are customized and attractive, providing a great look for your vehicle. This company offers two families of running boards: the FX series and the Guardian series. The newest Dee Zee running board, the Chrome FX, is among the hottest looking and most functional running boards on the market. Constructed with the highest quality aluminum and finished with a vacuum-metallization process, these chrome boards make your vehicle shine. They also protect your undercarriage and finish with rubber gasket spacers to prevent gravel buildup and cushioned step pads for slip-free footing. The FX series of Dee Zee running boards also includes the FX Extruded, FX Black, FX Brite-tread, and FX Stainless Steel. To obtain an original look with an aftermarket product, check out the Dee Zee Guardian series with super-strong aluminum extrusion and paintable trim. All Dee Zee running boards are vehicle specific to fit just about every truck, van or SUV on the market.
    Dee Zee tool boxes carry the same powder-coat protection as the running boards, giving you extended protection against rust, chemicals and element wear. In order to stand up to the heaviest loads, Dee Zee tool boxes are constructed from a single sheet of Brite-Tread aluminum and feature total seam side welds. One unique feature of Dee Zee tool boxes is the self-adjusting, multi-level striker latch allowing for more tool room, consistent closure, and security against spillage; and also eliminating the need to adjust the contents. Dee Zee tool boxes are available in several levels and styles to suit your tool storage needs. Currently Dee Zee offers the Silver Series and the Competitor Series. All Dee Zee tool boxes come with insulated lids and stainless steel paddle handles and key locks; styles include single and double-lid, side-mount, fifth-wheel, utility chest, and low-profile.
    With tube nerf products growing in popularity among truck and SUV owners, Dee Zee has introduced a complete line of Dee Zee nerf bars manufactured with the high quality standards of their other products. Dee Zee nerf bars are available in 5-inch oval, 4-inch oval, or 3-inch round, with a choice of chrome or black. Matching bed accessories, including truck grill guards and rails, complete the overall look of Dee Zee nerf bars and make any vehicle look great.
    Protect your tires and rocker mounts with attractive Dee Zee mud flaps. These high quality molded flaps prevent splash and deflect loose rock, while providing a great-looking accessory for your truck, van or SUV. Dee Zee mud flaps are a breeze to install and last through several seasons of heavy usage. Accessorize your vehicle and show your style with quality Dee Zee mud flaps.

  • Choosing the Right Dee Zee Product, For the Right Job

    Dee Zee has been supplying high quality truck accessories to the aftermarket for nearly 30 years, and has a reputation based on quality

    No one has a wider selection of styles and features in truck toolboxes than Dee Zee

    Running boards from Dee Zee are available in molded fiberglass for a street truck look or in tubular steel for a more rugged, off road appearance

    If you think mud flaps are all alike, you haven't seen the huge selection of diamond tread, rubber, and combination mud flaps from Dee Zee

    We don't know how you'd feel about your mother-in-law getting out of your truck, tripping, and taking a header into a snowdrift. Maybe you'd be happy, maybe not. Honestly, we really don't want to know if it's the former, so we're going to assume you can see the advantages to having Dee Zee running boards on your truck. With Dee Zee running boards installed, you get a wide, stable platform on which to step when you and your passengers are entering and exiting your truck or SUV. You guys and girls with the 4x4 trucks especiallyyou may not realize what a stretch it is to get into your vehicle, but you can bet your passengers do. They'll appreciate the extra comfort and safety provided by Dee Zee running boards, since they come with knurled or ridged stepping surfaces to promote traction. You'll appreciate the good looks tooDee Zee running boards are available in all sorts of styles from smooth aero-look fiberglass that can be painted body color to cool diamond-plate to complement your ride. Installation is a snap thanks to the new Quick Bracket used on most Dee Zee running boards that even eliminates drilling in many cases. All you have to do is take a look at our selection of Dee Zee running boards to find the style that works best with your truck or SUV. Nearly all popular vehicles have Dee Zee running boards available for them, so you should be able to find what you want and be ready to roll.

    It seems like everyone drives a pickup truck these dayseven computer programmers and hair stylists. Some folks still have to use their trucks for work, though, and you can usually spot them by the Dee Zee tool box right at the front of the bed. Smart tradespeople use the Dee Zee tool box because it's built better than the competition at a better price point. Fortunately, though, you can find a Dee Zee tool box at just about any price point, since they're made in several different versions. To meet the most demanding needs of contractors, the Platinum Dee Zee tool box and Gold series Dee Zee tool box offer more features and better construction than nearly any other tool box on the market. We're talking about thick aluminum box walls with hydraulic struts and piano hinges for the lid, along with pushbutton locks for easy entry even when your hands are full. There's also the Competitor series Dee Zee tool box for lighter-duty use at a lower price, and the Specialty series Dee Zee tool box for unusual locations. The Specialty Dee Zee tool box line can fit in tight corners and over wheel wells, and even carry dogs and liquids (and possibly dog liquids if you don't stop often enough). The bottom line is that for whatever work you do, there's a Dee Zee tool box waiting to help you do it more efficiently, more securely, and with more style.

    A lot of folks don't get in to the running board lookthey think they're for the RV set, not for true truck aficionados. You still need to get a lift into your 4x4, though, and that's where the Dee Zee nerf bar comes in to play. Instead of a molded platform, like on a running board, a Dee Zee nerf bar is a tubular step bar. There's no denying that the Dee Zee nerf bar looks a lot sportier than a running board, and since the Dee Zee nerf bar is available in chrome or black, you can choose the finish that will best complement your truck's styling. At the door opening points, the Dee Zee nerf bar has a molded-in black plastic step for sure-footedness and corrosion resistance, and all the brackets and bracing are both hidden and powder coated. You can order your Dee Zee nerf bar in one of three different diameters: 3, 4, and 5 inches, with the 5-inch design featuring an extra-wide step area to boot. And if you want the ultimate in durability, order your Dee Zee nerf bar in chrome over stainless steel construction. They feature a lifetime warranty, so you know rust isn't ever going to ruin your truck's good looks. So check them out and see for yourself: We think you'll agree that a Dee Zee nerf bar is a step in the right direction.