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ProRad A/C Condenser-Aluminum,Serpentine flow

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ProRad Serpentine Flow OE Replacement A/C Condenser

Fixing the vehicle's heating and air conditioning system would not be as difficult as it is if you use ProRad Serpentine flow OE Replacement A/C Condenser. Don't simply wait for your car to suffer from general performance loss and risk unexpected break down. Restore your faulty A/C condenser with something that satisfies or goes beyond Original Equipment Manufacturer specs. Restore them with ProRad Serpentine flow OE Replacement A/C Condenser. ProRad Serpentine flow OE Replacement A/C Condensers are designed after the OEM A/C condenser and are made of the best quality components using sophisticated production operations for better general performance and reliable robustness.

Original equipment (OE) parts renewal is amongst the least difficult strategies to bring back a car or truck's heating and air conditioning system to its best shape. Almost all auto or truck parts, when allowed to stay in their broken down or impaired condition, can cause even more harm to attached or proximal auto parts. Replacing automotive parts the instant they indicate the earliest symptom of failure helps avoid really expensive vehicle fixes plus guarantees peaceful and better rides for the remaining life of your car or truck.

Item Specifications:

  • Serpentine flow design
  • 27.38 x 14.63 x 1 in. core dimensions
  • Block Connection inlet type
  • Block Connection outlet type
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Design : Serpentine flow
  • Product Fit : Direct Fit
  • Anticipated Ship Out Time : 1-2 Business Days
  • Dimensions : 27.38 x 14.63 x 1 in.
  • Replaces D P I Number : 4471
  • Replaces O E Number : 921107E000
  • Warranty : ProRad limited warranty
  • Part Number : 7014471
  • Availability : In Stock