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Power distribution is the key to great auto performance. Ensure even power distribution with a new Ignition Distributor or Ignition Coil Distributor now.
In basketball, a point guard is tasked to bring down the ball and create plays for his teammates. Prototypical point guards like Bob Cousy, John Stockton, and Isaiah Thomas specialize in distributing the ball. Without proper ball distribution, the whole offense will go astray. Your Ignition Distributor takes on a similar role for your car, except that instead of distributing a ball, it distributes electricity.
The distributor is an integral part of the ignition system. Its main function is to distribute high-voltage electricity to its cylinders at an appropriate time. It is composed of a cap and a rotor, both of which have significant roles in the distribution process. As the rotor spins through a succession of contacts, a high-voltage pulse is released from the ignition coil. The pulse then passes through the cylinders on its way to the spark plugs, as well as other electrical accessories.
Since the distributor is constantly exposed to high-voltage electricity, it tends to wear out if it isn't maintained properly. When this occurs, it will result in high-voltage misfires, which will cause the whole ignition system to go haywire. It doesn't matter if you have excellent ignition parts because with a second rate distributor, your electrical components won't receive electricity. To make sure that all your electronic parts get their needed voltages, make sure that the Ignition Distributor is always at the top of its game.

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  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Distributor

    The first step to your vehicle achieving high speeds and enviable performance on the road is the properly-timed ignition of the fuel-air mixture sitting in the engine's cylinders. And for that, nothing gets the job started like a high-quality distributor. The distributor transfers high-voltage electric current from your vehicle's ignition coils to the spark plugs (which in turn ignite the fuel-air mixture in the cylinders). The distribution is aided by the distributor cap and rotor. The spinning rotor passes contacts set in the cap in the correct firing order, causing high-voltage electric pulses to be sent from the cap to the spark plug wires. Since ignition parts are exposed to extreme heat and pressure, it must be anticipated that they periodically wear out and need replacement. Should you need a premium distributor to replace your stock, Auto Parts Deal offers the best replacement.

    • Effectively directs high-voltage electricity from the ignition coil to the spark plugs

    • Comes complete with cap and rotor

    • Made with OE components to ensure quality and long service life.