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Dodge B350 Parts and Dodge B350 Accessories

Interesting Things about the Dodge B350

  • A part of Dodge's B series, the Dodge B350's design (fixtures and body shell) is one of America's longest-running vehicle frames that remained virtually unchanged since it was released in the early 1970s and discontinued in the early 2000s.
  • During the “custom van craze” that occurred during the mid-seventies to early eighties, the Dodge B350, along with the other B-series vans that were initially sold under the Sportsman, Adventure, and Tradesman names, became a hit among car collectors and hobbyists. To capitalize on this trend, Dodge came up with the Street Van package, a customization deal that included driver and passenger doors with a Street van logo, a windshield and grille with a chrome trim, front and rear bumpers made of chrome, and a Dodge Van Clan membership.
  • Some people refer to the Dodge B350 as a Kary-Van, a term that was based on its cube-shaped cargo area. Many Kary-Vans can still be seen today since many companies use these spacious and easy-to-maneuver vans as delivery or work vehicles. The success of this vehicle prompted Plymouth, Dodge's fellow marquee under Chrysler, to come up with its own version.
  • Dodge B vans have gained quite a following despite their discontinuation. As a matter of fact, several Dodge B van models have appeared in numerous films, videos, and TV shows. These include “Napoleon Dynamite,” a hit comedy flick that starred Jon Heder. In this film, a Dodge campervan was used as the home of Aaron Ruell's character, Kip.
  • A Dodge B van was used in a scene in the 1997 film “Dante's Peak.” In this scene, a 3rd generation Dodge Ram van can be seen stalling out on a bridge that was used as an escape route by the evacuees as Dante's Peak starts to erupt.
  • The main character of “The Red Green Show” uses a “possum van,” which is a 2nd-generation Dodge van with a portrait of a possum painted on its side. Aside from this, a Dodge Van can also be seen in Weird Al's music video for his “Trapped in the Drive-Thru” song. The vehicle featured in this video was a white, 3rd-generation B-van.

Dodge B350 Articles

  • Common Car Troubles: Dodge B350

    A full-sized van that helped Dodge firmly establish itself in the US automotive industry during the custom van craze (late 70s to early 80s), the Dodge B350 is known for its powerful engine, spacious passenger cabin, and boxy cargo space. As a matter of fact, many Dodge vans such as the B350 can still be seen in the streets today because many companies use this model as a work vehicle. Many buyers today are also on the hunt for used Dodge 350s because of their cargo capacity and easy maneuverability despite their size. For those planning to get their hands on this vehicle, check out the list below first for some of the most common problems encountered by B350 owners:

    Heating and air-conditioning system

    Several B350 models (1990 to 1994 year models) were found to be equipped with a faulty blower motor switch. As a result, the switch easily overheats especially if the blower motor is often used during high-speed drives. This could also lead to discolored switch connector terminals. The same year models were also known to suffer from a malfunctioning blower motor resistor that causes the HVAC blower to work only on high speed. As a solution, Chrysler provided replacement parts for concerned vehicle owners.

    Another common problem with the heating and air-conditioning system is an HVAC system that suddenly switches to defrost mode when speeding up. A possible cause for this is a leak coming from the vacuum check valve. To solve this problem, an improved vacuum check valve was made available to affected owners.

    Engine gaskets

    A number of B350 owners, especially those who own 1990-1994 models, reported frequent oil leaks from faulty intake manifold, valve cover, and timing cover gaskets, the rear seal area, and the distributor o-ring.

    Engine pistons

    Many owners of 1990 to 1993 B350 models also reported carbon deposits building up on top of the piston. Depending on how much carbon has accumulated, symptoms can include knocking or hammering and ticking noises. A proposed solution for this is to use a suitable fuel injector cleaner.

    Other issues

    Many vehicle owners also reported frequent problems with the tires and electrical systems. Other owners encountered issues with the seats and the vehicle speed control system.