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Dodge B350 Headlight Assembly

Investigating Dodge B350 Headlight Assembly Problems

Your Dodge B350 headlight assembly helps you navigate through the darkest places. Debris, electrical issues, and the like all contribute to the problems this car part receives. If you want to prevent your headlight assembly from becoming a bunch of scraps immediately, then you better do some troubleshooting. Here are some common problems and the culprits behind them:

Flickering or dimming brightness

A common trouble for headlight assemblies is the fluctuation of the light's brightness. If you notice this and know the bulbs are working, then you might need to check your alternator. See if it is still working properly and is giving enough charge to the battery. If it doesn't, the battery can't recover enough to keep going and it will eventually die. Speaking of batteries, test that part yourself using a voltmeter or multimeter. Measure if the amount of charge it gives is up to standard to constantly power up a light source. If not, then either the battery or the alternator is defective, and it is advised that you replace the defective part.

Inaccurate beams

If your headlight assembly's aim seems to be off, it might be caused by the lenses being blurry and skewed or by the contacts in the bulbs area being dented. To test this, get your car inside the garage and close it, or drive it to a safe, dark place with a wall. Next, turn on your headlight assembly and flash it straight at the wall. From here, take a good measure of the angle and the height of the beams, and adjust them accordingly if they ever seem off.

Does not light at all

If the headlight assembly stops working completely, take a close look at your bulbs and wirings. For bulbs, you should first check if they are burnt out. That kind of problem is unavoidable since bulbs do not last forever. Just replace them with new ones and they should be okay. However, if it is not then check the wirings involved in your headlight assembly. These include fuses, switches, and wires. If these are broken or blown in any way, take them out and put some new ones in.

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  • In Keeping the Dodge B350 Headlight Assembly Maintained

    The headlight assembly of your Dodge B350 is your safety guide when traveling across dark roads. Driving at night is flat-out impossible if this get faulty and stops working. Lack of light, fluctuations, weak light, as well as misaimed beams will cause huge problems for you and the drivers near you. For those out there who want to feel safe and secure all the time when driving after sundown, then here are a few maintenance tips to keep your headlight assembly working perfectly.

    Keep the right focus.

    Headlight assemblies aimed incorrectly could create a blind spot in your lighting area. It could also catch other drivers off-guard, leading to serious vehicular accidents. Shine your lights on a dark wall to check the lenses. The aim should be just about the same height. If you notice that it is too high or too low, adjust it accordingly until it is at the right angle and height.

    Keep headlight assembly brightness consistently strong.

    It is important that the brightness levels of your headlight assembly do not fall off the norm. When doing your maintenance routine, check the bulbs first. Make sure that they are not close to burning out. If they are, then immediately replace them. Next, take a good look at wiring setup, particularly the fuses and switches. See if there are any bite marks present. They is always a possibility that a rat would be able to sneak inside the vehicle and chew on the electrical components.

    Keep lenses clean and clear.

    Your headlight assembly's lenses must always be free debris and fogging. Blurry lenses greatly hinder your car's visibility levels, while chips and dents made by dirt and rocks hitting them will weaken the brightness. A fast, simple way is to scrub the lenses using a brush. Be sure to scrub them thoroughly to remove any debris deposits. A better way, however, is to get a headlight restoration kit. This item is very easy on the budget and it has all the tools and materials you need for a more comprehensive clean for the lenses of your headlight assembly.