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Dodge Caravan Parts and Dodge Caravan Accessories

Minivans were introduced in the early 80's and rose to popularity in an alarming rate. The minivans concept started when many young family starters wanted a vehicle that could fit a whole family yet be designed miles apart from their fathers' old station wagon. They wanted a vehicle that was modernized and they could call their own. The target market for this vehicle was families residing in suburban neighborhoods. This vehicle was a mix between the station wagon and the large work vans that people would convert then for passenger loading. They also wanted improved fuel economy than those from the big V8 powered station wagons and full size vans of the previous bygone era.
Chrysler was credited for creating this segment. In 1984, Chrysler released the Dodge Caravan along with its siblings, the Plymouth Voyager and the Chrysler Town and Country. These three were the first modern minivans and have caused quite a stir with their entry. After three years of successful run by the Caravan a bigger brother came out with the Grand Caravan, which sported a longer wheelbase and had more cabin and cargo area. Over the years, this minivan has evolved to what they are today to meet the demands and needs of the consumers. Some sport bigger engines while others have options to provide a hassle-free ride. Accessories were also provided to offer luxury and ease. Entertainment systems could be installed as well as a multiple others to make the drives more pleasant and comfortable.

Minivans are designed to be tough. They take a lot of beating with daily commuting. It is imperative that proper care and maintenance is provided. With all the hauling, passenger and cargo, the Dodge Caravan makes, wear and tear is sure to set in. Even though Dodge has instilled in the Caravan great engineering, deterioration is still in the offing. But this can be delayed and prevented. Proper care and maintenance is the key. You don't have to wait until the problem gets bigger. If you notice strange sounds and a difference in driving performance, it is best that you consult an expert at once before a small detail affects the whole vehicle.
This is where high-quality Dodge Caravan parts come in. When replacing deteriorated parts, it is best that you only use topnotch Dodge Caravan parts. This way, all specs and fits are precise. They won't affect the already marvelous operation that the Dodge Caravan undergoes for its daily drive. Also, they would provide years and years of durable and reliable service. Never compromise the well-being of your passengers and your Caravan, only use reliable, top-quality Dodge caravan parts.