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Dodge Caravan Headlight

The upsurge of the minivan fleet started when the Matra/Renault and Chrysler Corporation came to develop separately in the year 1984 a type of vehicle which is higher than normal sedans, compacts and station wagons, with bigger interior room and usually features three seat rows calling it the Renault Space and the Dodge Caravan respectively. Although Dodge is considered to be an automobile brand name having its own model lineup, it is still with the marketing direction of the Chrysler which is now the DaimlerChrysler company, and that is why the Dodge Caravan is indirectly under the production of the then Chrysler Corporation.

Minivans like the Dodge Caravan became popular especially in catering the increasing need to a more economical vehicle that has the ability to house a considerable number of passengers but way, way far with the aged station wagons in terms of size and design. Minivans were developed and produced having the suburban families as its marketing targets and successful enough, Chrysler's Dodge Caravan had a marvelous increase in sales average starting with the first generation in 1983 for the 1984 model year until the fourth generation which started in 2001 down to present.

Owning a Dodge Caravan is basically enjoying its capability of regularly delivering the passengers to and from their destinations, and with such work, it is but important that it must have the basic safety and protective automotive parts and amenities to prevent unwanted incidents such as crash and bumps. Bumpers, brakes, airbags and seat-belts are among the first things that come to your mind when you think of safety and protection, but a pair of good and reliable headlights can also be considered as such. Headlights like the Dodge Caravan headlight is more of an anticipatory device that helps in preventing vehicular accidents.

A headlight is basically a car light that is usually attached at the front end of an automobile for the purpose of illuminating the road or area ahead during low visibility periods such as night time and precipitation. Headlights can also serve as a warning to the approaching vehicles about your road presence and sometimes used as a communicator when you are making a turn and you want to go first. By this way, possible driving misunderstandings are anticipated are accidents are prevented.

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