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Dodge Caravan Tail Light Assembly

Helpful Tips to Fix the Common Issues on Your Dodge Caravan Tail Light Assembly

Your Dodge Caravan tail light assembly can give you a few problems during your car's lifetime, but don't worry because they are just easy to fix. Here are useful tips to help you solve some of the common tail light assembly problems:

Leaking seals

The seals of your tail light assemblies may crack overtime and allow water to seep through. When this happens, you will have water buildup inside your assemblies, which can cause the bulb sockets to corrode and affect the wiring. You will also notice water droplets forming on the lenses as the water begins to condensate. To avoid having this problem, you have to put silicone along the edges of your assemblies to completely block the water from entering. But before you seal your assemblies, you have to remove them and clean the lenses. You also need to get rid of the rust on the sockets using an abrasive pad. Also, don't forget to dry the tail light assemblies before reinstalling them to avoid another case of condensation.

Unlit bulbs

If your tail lights stop working, it can mean three things: the bulb is busted, the fuse has blown, or the wiring has gone bad. To know which of these three the culprit is, you have to first check your tail lights. If only one tail light has stopped working, this is more or less a case of a blown-out bulb. Replacing it with a new one should easily solve this problem. However, if both tail lights fail to light up, you need to check your fuse and wiring. The fuse inside your fuse box may have already blown out or some of your wires have been exposed or made contact with each other. Replacing your fuse and making sure that your wires are all in good condition should make your tail lights work.

Scratched lenses

You can have light or deep scratches on your tail light assemblies. If you do, don't panic because this normally happens as your Caravan ages. If you want to get rid of these scratches, you will just have to simply sand and polish them until the scratches on the lenses become unnoticeable. However, if the scratch is too deep, you may want to buy a new tail light assembly.

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  • Simple Tips to Make Your Dodge Caravan Tail Light Assembly Shiny and New

    If you want your Dodge tail light assembly to maintain its clarity, shine, and smoothness, you should regularly clean them. Here are some helpful tips to make your tail light assemblies look as good as new:

    Wash with mild soap and warm water.

    Using a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing soap should take care of the dirt and grime on your tail light assemblies. Use a sponge to lather up the tail lights and gently scrub all the areas to make the surface squeaky clean. Make sure you're not wearing any sharp or hard objects on your hands like rings to avoid scratching the assemblies while you're cleaning them. Also, don't forget to wipe the tail light assemblies using a microfiber towel after washing them. If you still see buildups, you can scrub the area once more.

    Keep the lenses polished.

    The key to make your tail light assemblies look shiny and new is to polish them regularly. You can get a good-quality polishing compound from auto supply stores; just make sure that it isn't too strong to avoid damaging the lenses in the long run. You can't, however, use an abrasive cloth or pad for polishing as this will scratch your tail lights.

    Gently scrub the surface.

    If you have scratches on your tail lights, you can wet sand them. Just remember to soak the 600-, 1500-, and 2000-grit sandpapers in water before using them and that you regularly spray them with water while your sanding. Doing these two will make the sandpapers not too rough on your tail light assemblies.

    Use regular white toothpaste.

    You can use your toothpaste to clean your tail light assemblies. But make sure that the toothpaste you will be using is the regular white one because the other types-gel, whitening, and flavored-may not be affective and can be harmful to the lenses. Just rub the toothpaste on the lenses in a circular motion using a microfiber towel. If you're tail light assemblies are heavily clouded, you will need to repeat the process until you achieve the look that you want.