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Dodge Challenger Parts and Dodge Challenger Accessories

Everybody loves car but we all love cars differently; there are some of us who love the beauty and fashion it exudes, there are some who love the blasting performance, some love the convenience, the functions while some simply need them for their own purpose. We all need vehicles as solution to different transport problems; and this is also why vehicles are created and manufactured by their respective automakers in different kinds, types, platforms and designs. That is to suit every automotive need the market have. Dodge, for one, is an auto marquee has created many different vehicle models offered in different market segments and level including the Challenger. Dodge's Challenger model was introduced to fill the then famous "pony car" party for Dodge; armed with uniquely designed Dodge Challenger parts and sophisticated features with powerful and optimum performance.

The Dodge Challenger was first introduced in the market in 1970 as Dodge's entry to the pony car market. It was then largely based on Plymouth's Barracuda E-body; only, it has extra wheelbase and different outer sheetmetal. Then, the pony car segment was declining and the Challenger ceased production in 1974 but it was revived in 1978; emphasizing sportiness and luxury in subdued trim. The Challenger was being credited as the vehicle that brought the technology of balance shafts in the US markets. And having been known to create vehicles in fashion and quality, Dodge's Intrepid carries not just sportiness and power but also durability and reliability with its top-grade vehicle parts. Basically, all vehicles are composed of essential parts that enable a vehicle to function as it is expected and that includes your Dodge Challenger. Primary parts such as engines, transmissions, exhaust systems, brakes, wheels, hoods, seats, doors, windows and steering wheels are among those that ensure the vital performance of your Dodge Intrepid vehicles. There are, of course, many other parts that made up an entire vehicle like air intakes, clutch, cooling system, fuel injection, drive belts, electrical parts, driveshaft, suspensions, door handles, hubcaps, mirrors, radiators, spoilers, window regulators, lights, tailgates, etc. that help the vehicle perform nicely on the road while providing comforts to both the driver and the passengers.

These parts are included in your Dodge Intrepid's specifications upon buying; but should you want to improve or modify some of them, there are available of these pieces at the market perfect for replacement or even restyling. You can avail of Dodge Intrepid replacement parts, aftermarket parts, performance parts, OEM parts and factory parts giving you wide choices of performance and specifications upgrades. If you're trying to save some penny but still want or need to replace some of your Intrepid's parts, used Dodge parts fitted for the Intrepid are also available in the market for much lesser price.