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Dodge Colt Parts and Dodge Colt Accessories

Interesting Facts About The Dodge Colt

  • The Dodge Colt was originally developed as a captive import from Mitsubishi Motors and was initially intended to compete with the AMC Gremlin, Ford Pinto, and Chevrolet Vega. Since it was not a true Chrysler product as it was just a collaboration with Chrysler and Mitsubishi, the first generation of Dodge Colts ended up rivaling with fellow Japanese imports like the Toyota Corolla and Datsun 510.

  • The Dodge Colt is actually a sporty car that is well utilized in rallying. It was the most widely utilized car for rallying both in the United States and abroad and has even appeared in several events from the 1970s to the 1980s. At the first ever Sno*Drift rally in 1973, a Dodge Colt landed on the third-place finish and repeated the feat in 1974 and in 1982.

  • In the movie Spaced Invaders that was released in 1990, the official designation of the aliens' space ship came from the license plate of the '82 Dodge Colt that the director, Patrick Read Johnson, was driving at the time when the film was still in production.

  • From 1971 to 1973, the Galants were supposed to be sold in Canada with the Dodge Colt name. However, it was distributed with the Plymouth Cricket nameplate instead. This was after Chrysler stopped using the Plymouth Cricket name for a rebadged model based on Hillman Avenger from the United Kingdom.

  • The early 90s Dodge Colts especially the four-wheel drive wagon were ranked as "sleeper cars" in their class. A "sleeper car" is a car that looks like a standard or economy-class vehicle in the exterior but is actually built for high performance on the inside. The 90s Dodge Colt was called a "sleeper car" because car owners were impressed with its performance. It turned out to be easy to maneuver and economical in spite of its unassuming exterior.

  • In 1971, Japanese automaker Mitsubishi's new partner and stakeholder, Chrysler Corporation began importing the Mitsubishi Galant and sold it in the United States with the Dodge Colt name. The Galant, which was originally developed to compete with the Toyota Corona, Nissan Bluebird, and Mazda Capella, became the first car that Mitsubishi sold in the United States.

Dodge Colt Articles

  • Dodge Colt Problems

    The Dodge Colt was introduced in 1970 as a federalized first generation Mitsubishi Colt Galant. It was a front engine, rear-wheel drive that featured a traditional unibody layout. It was equipped with MacPherson struts in the front, a live rear axle, and a 4-speed manual standard transmission. It also came in an option of a 3-speed automatic and a four-cylinder engine. Although it has been around for quite a long time and has gained a lot of followers through the years, it would be advisable to take note of the following problems that most consumers have encountered with the Dodge Colt.


    The 1993 Dodge Colt received a lot of complaints for being difficult to start and sometimes not starting at all when the weather is bad. The transmission cooler hoses for the 1993 models were also prone to leaking and these leaks usually result to a transmission failure. In 1994, consumers complained about accelerator switches that are out of adjustment which ended up causing harsh coast-down downshifts. Third-gear starts were also among the other problems encountered with the Dodge Colt especially when the pulse generator has been installed backwards after a rebuild in the transmission.

    Engine Misfire

    Aside from the transmission problems, engine misfires has also become one of the consumers' complaints about the Dodge Colt. Just like the 1993 model, the 2005 Dodge Colt also received complaints for its misfires and its engines running roughly. These problems with irregular rough idle and stalling after acceleration is usually caused by the bad ground connection for the engine control computer. Some consumers complained about surging between 45 and 55 mph on cars with 1.5-liter engine. This problem is usually the result of a wrong transmission fluid. Other car-owners stated that the vehicle stalls when it's cold especially when oil and carbon build up in the air cleaner and airflow sensor. This issue is often resolved by a revised valve cover.

    Brake Lights

    The Dodge Colt's brake lights have also become one of the main problems of Dodge Colt owners. According to consumers, moisture easily builds up inside the brake lights. At times, the lights would appear on the dashboard intermittently. They would remain lit even after the brake pedal has been released and remain on until the car is turned off and this problem usually causes the battery to die.