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Dodge D150 Carpet Kit

Tips to Extend the Life and Usage of Your Dodge D150 Carpet Kit

While your Dodge D150 is made tough, it doesn't mean that it could protect itself against various damaging elements. This is the reason why its floor panel is fitted with a carpet. The carpet does not only protect the floor area but also makes the interior look and feel more comfortable. But because of its task and its location, it is among the most abused part of your ride without you knowing it. If your carpet kit looks faded or is worn out, it can look unsightly and it becomes less capable of doing its protective function. Thus, you must follow the basic maintenance practices to keep your carpet kit clean and protected. Here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Use a vacuum and carpet cleaner to remove dirt particles thoroughly.

There are available tools that you can use to remove small dirt particles on your carpet kit. These include portable vacuum and carpet cleaners. The portable vacuum cleaner allows you to choose between wet and dry vacuuming, which has a suction power that can be raised or lowered depending on the type of spill or stain on your carpet kit. On the other hand, the carpet cleaner is equipped with a chamber that contains a soapy water, which is used to wash your carpet kit. It also has rotating brushes that suck up water and dirt particles. These two types of cleaners are usually rechargeable, and have extension cords for easier use.

  • Blotting is better than rubbing for stain removal.

If you need to remove stains, it is better to blot than to rub them. This is because rubbing can let the dirt particles to be more compressed in the fibers of your carpet kit, which can lead to premature damage and fading. It can also cause the stain to spread even more. On the other hand, blotting requires only a little amount of pressure, so you do not need to worry about the material of your carpet kit being damaged. However, keep in mind that you must blot from the outer towards the inner side of the stain you want to remove. This practice can prevent the stain from spreading. Make use of a soft towel with a neutral color when blotting, so you can avoid transferring dye to your carpet kit.

  • Use a baking soda or borax to remove foul odor from your carpet kit.

Your carpet kit can also be susceptible to foul smell over time. To contradict this, you can sprinkle baking soda or borax on your carpet kit generously. These natural cleaning agents are known as effective odor neutralizers. Moreover, the borax can also kill fleas and other pests on pets that you decide to bring with you on the road. Let the borax or baking soda stay on your carpet kit for several minutes before vacuuming, so the odor can be absorbed thoroughly.

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  • Tips to Help You Get Started with Your Dodge D150 Carpet Kit Installation

    The Dodge D150 carpet kit is made tough enough to provide your interior's floor area with its much-deserved protection against dirt particles that may cause rust formation. Although your carpet is made durable, it can fade and get torn over time, so it is a must that you know how to replace your old carpet kit. Here are helpful installation tips for you:

    Tip #1: Lift and remove components for easier removal of your old carpet kit.

    Before you can install your carpet kit, you need to lift and remove components that are settled on your old carpet kit. These components include the bolts from your seat belt anchors, kick panels, and the electrical connectors of your seats. It is recommended to ask for assistance especially when lifting the seat and removing the old carpet kit, so you can make the task easier.

    Tip #2: Vacuum and remove rust from the floor area to install your new carpet kit properly.

    It is an important pre-installation practice to vacuum your vehicle's interior before securing your new carpet kit. This is because the dirt particles may hinder you from installing the new carpet kit properly. Moreover, the rust deposits that settled on the surface may spread in the surrounding areas where you will attach your carpet kit, which can be very unpleasant to look at. Thus, you must sweep and vacuum the interior thoroughly to avoid this. You can also make use of a wire brush and an anti-corrosive substance to prevent further accumulation of rust after the installation.

    Tip #3: Test fit your new carpet kit before securing it in place.

    Make sure that your new carpet kit will be snugly fit before attaching it securely. For this matter, you must place your new carpet kit over the old one to see if its dimensions are same with the old one. You can also place your new carpet kit over the floor area without securing it. This can also allow you to see if the contours of your new carpet kit will be fit. You can make use of a chalk to draw the temporary markings for any adjustment you need to make.