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Dodge Dakota Parts and Dodge Dakota Accessories

Dodge Dakota is known as the King of the Midsize segment. Its first release in 1987 showed the public a perfect blend of size and power and a class-dominating truck. Trucks have always been a part of the hearts of the Americans, and due to constant demand for a bigger, bolder, and better versions of these haulers, Dodge evolved its models into something that would quench the consumers' demands.
When it comes to providing the perfect combination of car like ride and handling and of light-duty hauling capability, the Dodge Dakota half-breed is the best answer. The Dakota is considered the first midsize truck in the automotive market. With the V8 engine that comes with it, solidifies Dodge's reputation as one of the successful players in the American truck arena.

For seventeen years now, changes have been made to the Dakota model. Still its character as being a fun to drive truck with its sporty suspension and plenty of power can be recognized easily. One look and your neighbors will instantly know that you are driving a Dodge.
Although totally redesigned, the all new 2005 Dakota still carries Dodge's distinctive characters. What's good about this new design is the idea that the Dodge engineers did not just patch up the old Dakota model, they designed a brand new chassis that makes the Dakota the largest, the strongest and the most powerful midsize pickup ever made still with a car-like feel driving and ride.
Under the hood, the Dakota's old overhead valve six that powers it before is now replaced with a stellar 3.7 liter single-overhead cam V6 which was shared with the Jeep Liberty. This engine pumps out 210 horsepower and 235 lbs-ft torque. The good news is that in the engine compartment, two V8's are available. One is the standard 4.7 Magnum V8 230 hp and 290 lb-ft torque which was carried over by the previous models, and the optional version of the 4.7 for this lineup. The V6 and the standard V8 is offered either with a five speed automatic or a six speed manual transmission.
All in all, the new Dodge Dakota drives well like a sedan, with power so smooth, the interiors well refined and designed, and the suspension very responsive, something one can't resist especially if you're one of those who want bigger cars. Drive like a car, tow and load like a pickup. This will be a new experience and a very useful vehicle for the whole family, for groups, personal or in whatever status you may be.