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Dodge Dakota Bumper Cover

How to Keep Your Dodge Dakota Bumper Cover Squeaky Clean

As you may know, the Dodge Dakota is a capable truck ready to wherever you want to. It packs a lot of enthusiasm and power to help you perform your duties on the field. Aside from that, you can also drive for your leisure activities. In these activities, you always expose your truck to possible hazards. You can never be too sure when an accident can happen. One of your main concerns is to protect your engine and related components at all costs. This is why the bumper is mounted in front of your truck. It becomes the shield of these components as it takes in the impact of any collision. But more than that, it also serves to make your truck look good. In order to keep these features in check, you should know how to keep your Dodge Dakota bumper cover squeaky clean. Here are some tips!

  • Rinse your bumper cover with water.

After spending days out in the field and road, a lot of dirt will be sticking to the surface of your bumper cover. It does not really mean that your panel is a magnet for these particles. This is a common thing that happens on all of your body panels. It only gets nastier with the cover because it is one of those panels closest to the ground. To relieve it from the nasty later, you should begin by pointing your water hose to the bumper at an angle. This should help loosen up the build-up so that it would be easier for you to clean the panel. Guide the stream in back and forth motion in order for you to wet the entire piece. It is best to do so in regular intervals to keep the build-up at a minimum.

  • Grab a wash mitt and scrub the dirt away with the help of your trusted car shampoo.

Once the bumper cover has been treated with water, you should proceed with scrubbing it. Get a clean wash mitt and soak it in a mixture of car shampoo and water. The active ingredients should be able to clear the surface of the unwanted particles.

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  • Dodge Dakota Bumper Cover Installation 101

    You recently acquired a used Dodge Dakota from your local car dealership. We can imagine the smile you had on your face as you drove away with a worthy pick-up truck that you can use for your daily business in your farm. You have spent a couple of weeks getting to know the vehicle when misfortune struck. For some reason, a driver in another vehicle miscalculated and hit your truck. The damage on the Dodge Dakota bumper cover was bad that you thought that replacing it is the only way to go. The accident was not what you really had in mind after buying the truck. However, business has to go on and you have to make your utility vehicle work again. After consulting with the local body shop, you are finally convinced to proceed with getting a new bumper cover and installing it to your truck. To spare you time and money, you will be doing it in your own garage. Here are some things to remember when you are about to install the panel on your own.

    Tip #1: Inspect your chassis and mounts after you remove the damaged bumper from your truck.

    Since your truck has come from an accident, you should carefully remove the damaged old bumper from your truck. After that, you should go through the condition of your chassis and mounts. Try to see if it is still in good shape of it needs any body works. The aim is to prepare your truck for a quick and issue-free bumper installation.

    Tip #2: Ask the help of another person during the installation.

    The bumper is a heavy panel. In order for you to mount and align it to your truck properly, it is best to have a help from another person. The two of you should work together in moving around the panel, preparing the tools, and taking measurements.

    Tip #3: Perform a test fit, evaluate, and then bolt in place.

    Since you want to make sure that your bumper cover will fit your truck properly, you should test mount it before you bolt it to place. Impose the panel on the chassis and try to see if there are any clearance and fitting issues. Once you are convinced that there are no more issues, bolt the bumper cover to place.