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Dodge Dakota Headlight

How to Take Care of the Dodge Dakota Headlight

How much have you enjoyed driving your Dodge Dakota? We are pretty sure that you love taking it out both day and night. We love it best when we drive our truck along a clear road on a cool Saturday night. Do you feel the same way? But if you are just like us, then having a good Dodge Dakota headlight is important. It will illuminate your way through the dark. It makes it easy for you to react ahead and spot road hazards from miles. To continually have an effective and functional headlight, you should know a thing or two about its maintenance. Here are a few tips on how take care of your Dodge Dakota headlight.

  • Wash your Dodge Dakota headlight with clean water.

Washing your Dodge Dakota headlight with clean water gets rid of the light layers of dust and dirt from its surface. While it can't do much with heavy amounts of dirt, wetting it with water makes it loose and less resistant to scrubbing. The best way is to direct a steady stream of water at an angle. After a thorough washing, it should be ready for scrubbing or wiping.

  • Give your headlight a good scrub using a sponge or wash mitt.

You should give your headlight a good scrub to fully clean its lens. Get a sponge or a wash mitt and soak it in your car shampoo mixture. Wring it to remove excess solution. You can then proceed to scrubbing the headlight gently. Be careful not to apply too much because it can put scratches on the surface. Do several passes to remove the dirt, particles, and other marks on its surface. The active ingredients in the shampoo should also ease your task. Don't forget to rinse the headlight after to remove the shampoo residue.

  • Dry your headlight and give it a light buff.

A newly washed headlight would require some drying to prevent dirt from sticking to the wet surface again. Use a dry clean cloth or chamois to remove the water droplets from the lens. You can even do a light buff on it to make it crystal clear.

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  • How Do You Troubleshoot a Dodge Dakota Headlight?

    You decided to hit the highway in your Dodge Dakota at 10 o'clock in the night. Your drive is going alright until you noticed that your path suddenly dimmed. What seems to be the problem? You pulled over to inspect. You found out that one of the bulbs of your Dodge Dakota headlight is busted. You decided to go back home to avoid coppers from catching you. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot your headlight even before you set out for a drive.

    • Observe your headlight lens when the bulb is switched on and off. Note if it is hazy.

    Constant exposure to dust and particles during your drives can scratch your headlights. When these scratches accumulate, your headlight lens becomes clouded and hazy. This makes it harder for the lights to pass through and light the road properly. As you observe your headlight with the bulb switched on and off, you will be able to notice how much hazy it has become. You can also gauge how far the light can reach on the road. If the light quality looks scattered, then it might be a good idea to give your lens treated and make it clear again.

    • Test the range of the bulbs for your low and high beams.

    Keeping the bulbs for your Dodge Dakota's low and high beams working well is essential when you are out for a drive. You can test its range and quality by parking your Dodge Dakota in a driveway. Switch on your low beam and inspect if both bulbs are working. Then try to judge its range. Do the same for your high beam bulbs. From there you should be able to identify if your headlight needs to have bulbs replaced and if it needs retrofitting. The goal is to have your headlight project the right amount of beam in the correct direction.

    • Check if your turn signals are working.

    Check your turn signals by switching the turn signal lever. After activating, go outside your Dodge Dakota and inspect if the bulbs are flashing. If the flashes are faster than usual then there is a good chance that you have a busted bulb.