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Dodge Dakota Tailgate Lock

Answers to Problems with the Dodge Dakota Tailgate Lock

You're in a forest late at night and you choose to sleep in your car to avoid getting eaten by bears. But after an hour, a bear happily approaches; what could be the worst thing to happen? Well, aside from you failing to find a reason why you are in that forsaken forest in the first place, your car's tailgate may decide to just open and invite the bear in. You may not believe it but a lot of car owners experience problems like this with their tailgate lock-although hopefully none of them got eaten by a bear. To help you with these problems, we discussed the answers to some common problems with the lock.

Keeps opening

First problem: the tailgate keeps opening every time you unlock the car doors-and by opening we mean in a "bear-enter-here" way. This is usually caused by a faulty switch mounted on the assembly. The microswitch is actually very sensitive; if it is pressed too hard, it'll get stuck and cause the problem mentioned above. A quick check at the switch would be enough to determine if this is the part at fault.

Another reason behind this problem is a faulty electrical connection between the switch and control system. There may be a short somewhere in the wires.

Operates but doors won't open

Second problem: the tailgate won't open despite you hearing the lock functioning. If you hear the lock working when you click it to open, then the problem is unlikely the electrical connection. The best bet here would be a broken spring inside the mechanism. Inside the lock, there is a spring that keeps the lock in a locked or unlocked position. If the spring is broken, there is a chance that the lock would keep returning to its "locked" state, causing the tailgate not to open. The spring can break over time or use so this problem isn't actually avoidable.

Remains closed

Third problem: the tailgate locks simply does nothing. If you do not observe any movement or noise in the assembly no matter how many times you push the controls, the problem is likely the electrical connections. Chances are a wire-or two or all of them-are cut, or that there is a short somewhere.

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  • How to Keep Your Dodge Dakota Tailgate Lock Performing at Its Best

    Chasing you is a thief with a knife or a blood-thirsty puppy-whichever you are more scared of, so you seek safety inside your car. You open the car doors and let yourself in, but find out that the tailgate opened as well. So now, as the puppy licks you to death, you find yourself regretting of not taking good care of your tailgate lock when you had the chance. To make sure that your car's tailgate does not fail you when such life-threatening moments come, here are a few tips on how you can take care of your Dodge Dakota tailgate lock.

    Close the tailgate gently

    The tailgate lock mechanism apparently is so fancy that there are microswitches installed near the door. The downside of this is that the said switch is too sensitive; if it is pushed too hard, it's bound to get stuck and fail. To avoid this, we recommend closing the tailgate gently every time. It doesn't exactly require brute strength to close the door so a show of might is not really needed here, tough guy.

    Secure the wires

    This may seem to be a common thing to do, but a lot of car owners forget this. A lot of wires are needed for the tailgate lock assembly and you need to make sure that they are kept out of the way. The wires can get cut or snap when they get caught at the closing of the tailgate or get pulled too much when you open the door. We recommend that you tape the loose wires together and secure them at the corner of your car's rear part.

    Check the wires regularly

    We recommend that you check the electrical connections every four months or every time you notice a lag in the operation of the lock. You can't really avoid a cut wire or a faulty connection so it is best to just keep checking the assembly in a regular basis. A quick look would be enough to save you from tailgate problems in the most inopportune times.