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Dodge Dakota Window Visor

Keeping Your Dodge Dakota Window Visor Nice and Tidy

Oh, what fun it is to own and drive a pick-up truck! You can accomplish a lot of adventures and tasks with it. It gets even better if you own a stylish yet capable truck like the Dodge Dakota. Although it is not as huge as its bigger brother, the Ram, it gives you the confidence every truck owner would want from his vehicle. As soon as you sit inside the cab of your truck, your eyes become wide with joy and excitement. You drive out on a pleasant morning with your windows rolled down. But in the middle of your drive, clouds appear. Before you know it, you feel raindrops entering your window. Too bad you can't keep the breeze from coming with open windows. That is unless you have a Dodge Dakota window visor. With that panel, you can still keep your window rolled down for a bit. It reduces the chances of rain or even snow from getting inside your truck. To continue enjoying this kind of privilege, you should learn to take care of it. Here are some tips on how to keep the panel nice and tidy.

  • Make a visual inspection of the whole panel then address any issues.

It is good if you can have a visual assessment of the window visor of your Dodge Dakota. This means that you take into consideration the way it is sitting on the frame of your window, its integrity, and its shade. From there, you can make an assessment on how to address each issue. For example, a moving visor can be caused by adhesive tapes that are already wearing out. This can easily be fixed by replacing the tapes as soon as possible.

  • Treat your visor to a thorough wash and scrub to clear out the dirt.

After serving you and keeping water away from your interior, your window visor deserves to be treated well. Dust and other particles pile up in layers making the panel look very untidy. To remedy that, you give it the classic wash and scrub like all the other exterior panels of your Dodge truck. It should look close to brand new after.

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  • The Right Approach in Installing the Dodge Dakota Window Visor

    There are a lot of functional accessories that you can get for your Dodge truck. These parts are created to improve the driving experience and creature comforts of those who purchase such vehicles. Just like the Dodge Dakota window visor. It might look like a simple translucent plastic contraption that protrudes from the outline of the windows of your truck. But if you try to get to know the part better, you will find out that it is more than just an aesthetic addition to the exterior. It prevents particles, especially rain drops and snow, from coming into your truck's interior. Well, that is if you only roll down your window just a bit. However, the window visor does not come in stock when the truck comes out of the assembly line. It can be installed before the dealership releases it or you can opt to get one and install it yourself.

    Tip #1: Look for the window visor that matches your truck.

    You should remember that there are a lot of window visors our there for American trucks. They are made in such way that they only fit in specific models. This applies even with your Dodge Dakota. To be able to get the right panel for your truck, you should take note of its year and trim. This will lead you to getting the window visor that is crafted for the contours of your truck. Don't be that someone who keeps going around in circles because of wrong details during the purchase.

    Tip #2: Make sure that you clean the areas where you will mount the panel.

    When installing the window visor, one of your goals is to make sure that the adhesive tape sticks well to the frame of your window. To do that, you will have to clean the areas concerned. This gets rid of dust and other elements that can hinder the adhesive from taking full effect.

    Tip #3: Take a quick measurement before finally mounting the visor to place.

    You are almost set. But before you mount the window visor for good, you should take some last measurements. You need to do so to make sure that the panel aligns with your truck's lines. After that, you're good to go. Enjoy your window visor!