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Dodge Daytona Mud Flaps

Symptoms of Bad Dodge Daytona Mud Flaps

The road you drive through every single day is composed of different elements that may damage your car. These elements can be picked up by your tires and sprayed into your car and other vehicles. As an effect, corrosion and damage occur. This is where your Dodge Daytona mud flaps come in. They block off road dirt and mud from your tires that may hit your car and other vehicles. Mud flaps break due to extreme temperatures and road bumps. With this, you need to know when yours are damaged and need replacement.


Scratches develop when your mud flaps experience too much abuse from the road. They may mean you have the wrong kind of mud flaps installed on your car. Mud flaps come in different lengths. Each mud flaps design is made for a particular make and model. However, you should also consider your car's activities. You need a different kind of mud flaps if you often drive off-road or if you have deep snows on the road during the winter.

Broken Dodge Daytona mud flaps

Broken mud flaps may be a sign that you need to be more careful in driving. Only the toughest of road bumps can break mud flaps. You should be careful with these road conditions. The damage may also come from a crack that has long been neglected on your mud flaps. Be it plastic or rubber, your mud flaps tend to break due to extreme temperatures. With this, you need to constantly check your mud flaps so you can fix or replace them immediately if you have to.

Loose mud flaps

Your mud flaps are attached to your car with the use of screws. These screws are prone to rusting especially since they have direct contact to road debris and water. These contaminants cause the screws to rust and lose their ability to attach your mud flaps to the car's body. To avoid such problem, you should regularly check the screws and make sure they are installed tightly.


If your mud flaps are misaligned, its screws and clamps may be damaged. This problem may also be caused by bad installation. When this happens, you need to reposition your mud flaps. But if the actual mud flaps are damaged, you may need to have a replacement.

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  • Taking Good Care of Your Dodge Daytona Mud Flaps 27 February 2013

    Hanging behind your rear wheels are mud flaps. These components protect your car's paint and undercarriage from damage by blocking off road debris that may hit your car body. More so, they protect you from accidents as they keep mud from spraying into the vehicles behind your car. When these parts are damaged, your car and other vehicles are prone to dirt that may cause accidents and component wear. With this, you need to make sure your mud flaps are in top condition all the time.

    Wash your mud flaps on a regular basis.

    Since your mud flaps function as a dirt shield, it is directly exposed to road debris and mud. These contaminants can collect on your mud flaps especially if these components are of the molded kind. These contaminants can reach and damage different internal parts in the long run. Regular cleaning would get rid of heavy buildups. Use the correct cleaning solution depending on the material of your Dodge Daytona mud flaps.

    Mind your mud flaps.

    Your visual access to your mud flaps is limited while driving. This makes these components prone to damage from the slightest of bumps. These may break and crack especially when you are parking or reversing. With this, mind your mud flaps when you know it could bump into other elements on the road. Prevention and caution are always the best means of protecting your mud flaps.

    Make sure your mud flaps follow government requirements.

    Department of Transportation regulations state that the bottom edge of your mud flaps should have a maximum distance of 10 inches from the ground. Any distance higher than 10 inches allows road debris to come flying into your car and other vehicles. With this, it is advisable to follow this regulation and make sure your mud flaps are hanging well on your car.

    Check the car washes you frequent.

    If you are the type of driver who is fond of going to the car wash, you may need to pay close attention to the type of brushes that are used. These brushes are known to damage your Dodge Daytona mud flaps over time. They remove road debris but slowly bend your mud flaps. With this, it would only be a matter of time before cracks develop and your mud flaps break in two.