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Dodge Durango Parts and Dodge Durango Accessories

The Dodge Durango is the SUV version of the Dodge Dakota. It was introduced in 1998. The Durango is in between heavy duty load carrier, has a cargo space of a big truck but has the parking ability and handling of a small truck. It became popular with the press as a "Smart Size" SUV that has the most powerful engine, the largest interior and highest towing and hauling capability, and an up to eight people seating capacity classifying it as a compact SUV.
The first Durango is built in Newark, Delaware running in 245 horsepower, 335 ft-lbs torque, 5.9 liter Magnum V8 engine and the biggest in its class. It is also available in a 5.2 liter Magnum V8, 230 horsepower 300 ft-lbs torque and in a 3.9 liter Magnum V6, 175 horsepower 225 ft-lbs torque. All these three engines come with a four speed automatic with a fifth kick down gear. The 5.9 liter Magnum V8 can tow up to a maximum 7,300 lbs when equipped with an optional Class IV hitch and has a maximum payload of more than 1,800 lbs in an interior package that shows 88 cubic feet of volume when the seats are folded down.

Also, the Durango has a widened Dakota chassis feature having its roof raised two inches from the second seat increasing passenger headroom and visibility. Its spare tire is placed underneath the vehicle therefore creating more cargo room. The rear seats are very comfortable for passengers and when put down may serve as a flat load floor. Its second row seats are adjustable and can be folded and tumbled forward making easier third row access and an improved storage space, or there is an optional third row where you can also fold in conjunction with the second row seats thus making a flat surface from the tailgate to the front seats.
Durango is designed with the idea of a people-mover and a load carrier with frame proposal having maximum stiffness in a minimum weight. The Durango's agility came from the optimized steering and suspension matched up with a large wheel and tire package and appropriately sized shocks and bushing, making it comfortable both on and off the road. Its brakes were enlarged so as to handle the increased weight for tows.
The Dodge Durango is your answer for your desired spaciousness and versatility, thus the problem about transporting more passengers and hauling bigger loads will be a problem no more. Durango Parts are available all throughout the automotive shops around the world, and is also offered through shipments from car magazines and online ordering.