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Dodge Durango Bumper Cover

Tips to Keep Your Dodge Durango Bumper Cover in Top Condition

The Dodge Durango is perfect for adventurous spirit. If you like off-road driving, your ride needs an exterior protection against possible impacts you may encounter. For this matter, your Dodge Durango bumper cover is up to the task. It serves as one of the first defenses of your vehicle against any harm on the road. Moreover, it gives your ride an additional tough look. Thus, you need to maintain your bumper cover before it becomes subject to damage and total replacement. Here are some tips to keep it clean and looking good:

  • Remove dirt using soapy mixture, vinegar, and soft bristle brush.

You can use a mixture of mild car soap and clean water for cleaning your bumper cover. This is because dirt and grime can accumulate in your bumper cover whether your vehicle is parked or on the road. In addition, you can use a soft bristle brush and undiluted white vinegar for rubbing and removing any tough dirt on your bumper cover. The white vinegar is a natural cleaning agent, which has a property that dissolves thick substances on surfaces.

  • Make use of lacquer thinner for paint stain removal.

Your bumper cover can also be affected by paint stains from other areas of your vehicle. These paint stains can look unpleasant on the surface of your bumper cover, and may decrease its quality. So for this matter, you can spread lacquer thinner over the stains. This is because it is a strong solvent that can dissolve thick properties of paint. However, you must not apply a large amount of this solvent on your bumper cover. Its chemical content can cause your bumper cover to crack. Instead, apply it on small amounts several times for thorough paint stain removal.

  • Use an external cleaning gel and clear coat to protect and refurbish your bumper cover.

You can refurbish the look of your bumper cover to improve its quality from being constantly used. For this matter, you can apply an external cleaning gel and a clear coat. These substances can make your bumper cover look more polished. Moreover, they can provide enhanced protection against the sun's harmful rays that may damage it.

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  • Tips for an Easier Installation of Your Dodge Durango Bumper Cover

    Your Dodge Durango bumper cover serves both aesthetic and protective functions for your vehicle. As an exterior component, it adds up to the adventurous look of your ride. In addition, it protects other exterior components like the hood and grill during low-impact collisions. If your bumper cover has worn out over time, you can replace it easily. With a few tips that can help you, the installation process can be quite simple:

    Tip #1: Use a lubricating oil and drill-mounted brush for easier bolt removal.

    Before installing your new bumper cover, you must remove all necessary components that come with your old bumper cover. If you are having trouble removing your old bumper, its bolts may be too tight to be loosened. For this matter, you may use light lubricating oil because it can go through tight spaces. You must also check the bolts for any sign of rust because this can also hinder the removal. For this matter, you may use a drill-mounted wire brush because it can eliminate the rust thoroughly. Once all the bolts are removed, your old bumper cover can be taken away easily. Keep the old components stored in one area because you might use them for the new cover.

    Tip #2: Make sure your new bumper cover is clean before securing it.

    You must clean your bumper cover prior to the installation process. Remember that this is an exterior part that can be noticed immediately. When you purchase your new bumper cover, its surface could still have bumpy spots, coat flaws, and greasy areas. Thus, you can use a sandpaper and grease remover for this matter. A 600-grit sandpaper can help your new bumper cover to be smoothened out. It can also get rid of possible contaminants that may accumulate on the surface. On the other hand, the grease remover can eliminate any oily texture that may decrease the quality of your bumper cover once it is installed.

    Tip #3: Ask for assistance.

    It is recommended for you to call for another person who can assist you throughout the installation process. This is because you need to make sure that your bumper cover is aligned with the frame of your vehicle, so you can insert its clips, bolts, and trims correctly. The other person can support the other end of the bumper cover while you perform the task at hand. At this stage, you can reattach the components from the old bumper cover if they are still in good condition.