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Dodge Durango Headlight Assembly

Three Common Problems of Dodge Durango Headlights

Headlights laws vary in every state-some states require headlights to be on when visibility is less than 1,000 feet, while other states require it at less than 500 feet. This is why you have to make sure that the headlight assembly of your Dodge Durango is always in good condition. Otherwise, you may end up getting a violation ticket. When you notice that your car's headlight assembly is not functioning properly, then you'd better check it immediately and do some troubleshooting. Below is a list of some of the problems you might encounter:

Only high-beam lights are working.

If you turned on the headlight switch of your vehicle and the low-beam lights are not working, you can easily switch to high beam. However, it is unsafe to drive using high-beam lights when there is incoming traffic. To solve the problem with the low-beam lights, you should check if there's power in the relay or a bulk-head disconnect between the dimmer switch and the headlights. If there is, then the wires just need to be connected properly.

There's no light coming from the right low-beam lamp.

A possible cause of this problem is a Dodge Durango central time module with a poorly fitted circuit board trace. However, since buying a new module is very costly and programming it can be time consuming, you should check the condition of the right headlight assembly first. Make sure that the wires behind it are properly connected and the bulb is not busted.

HID headlights turn on and off.

For this type of problem, you should check the connection of the HID headlight assembly. If you have installed a plug-and-play type, then the electrical ballast should be connected to the vehicle's headlight wiring. However, if you have the type of HID light assembly wherein the power should come from the battery, then you must have mistakenly connected it to the stock headlight wiring. The only solution to this problem is to reinstall the entire assembly and wire it properly. If the lights still turn on and off, you can buy anti-flicker capacitors that help store energy to supply the ballast.

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  • Dodge Durango Headlight Assembly: Simple Tricks to Keep It in Good Condition

    Keeping the headlight assembly of your Dodge Durango in good condition sounds like a pretty simple task, but it should be maintained religiously to achieve that brand new look every time you drive your car. Otherwise, it will only accumulate dirt, turn yellow, or even malfunction. To avoid a worn-out looking headlight assembly, here are a few, simple tricks you can easily do at home.

    Keep the surface of the headlight clean.

    It's important to keep the surface of the headlight assembly clean because dirt and other elements can reduce the light coming from the bulbs. A cheap way of cleaning your car's headlight assembly is by using regular toothpaste and rubbing it on the surface with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use whitening toothpastes or those that have mint because they will only damage the headlight. Applying automotive polish afterwards can give a shinier look.

    Remove condensation inside the headlight.

    The presence of fog and water inside your car's headlight can only mean that the headlight is not sealed properly. What you need to do is to remove the condensation inside the headlight by detaching the entire headlight from the vehicle and placing it inside an oven with a temperature around 250 degrees Celsius for about three minutes. This will let the condensation fully evaporate from the headlight. When that's done, you can use any type of silicone to cover the cracks or holes of the headlight.

    Perform a yearly checkup.

    Checking the overall condition of your car's headlight assembly every year is a good way to keep any problem from happening. It is a good practice to periodically check the condition of the wires and to replace the bulbs every time you perform the checkup. Keep in mind that you have to replace both bulbs at the same time even if only one of them is busted.

    Check the alignment of the headlight.

    The alignment of the headlight's high and low beams is critical because the glare from the beams can be dangerous to other motorists. You can adjust the alignment of the headlight using the vertical adjustment screws that are located under each headlight or the headlamp alignment equipment.