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Dodge Durango Nerf Bars

How to Keep Your Nerf Bars Clean and Functioning at Their Best

Your Dodge Durango needs stepping boards that serve as the ladder of the vehicle. These can provide your passengers with convenience when stepping in and out of your vehicle. They are toughly built and they can also add up to your truck's overall style. As a part of your ride's exterior, the Dodge Durango nerf bars are prone to damage because they are always in contact with dirt and other damaging element. Thus, you must know how to clean and restore them if necessary. Here are some tips:

  • Eliminate rust from your nerf bars.

If you notice that rust is starting to build up on the metal or chrome surface of the nerf bar, get rid of it the soonest. You can deal with surface rust using sandpaper. Lightly sand the affected surface until rust is completely eliminated.

  • Refurbish the look of your nerf bars by coating them again if necessary.

If you want to repaint your nerf bars, spray the coating carefully on one side then let it dry before proceeding to the next. Make sure that you have removed rust and small bumps on the surfaces for a smooth finish. Do the work on an area where you can avoid inhaling the spray paint. You can use safety mask as an additional protection.

To achieve best results in restoring the like-new appearance of your nerf bars, you also have to consider whether they are coated or uncoated or if the coating is aluminium or chrome. Aluminum coating should be restored using a polishing soap or compound that's specially designed for aluminium in the same way that chrome nerf bars deserve only a chrome polish. Clearcoated nerf bars can be treated like painted ones.

  • Use only the appropriate cleaning tools for your nerf bars.

You should always clean your nerf bars using only the tools that are friendly on the bar's finish. By simply wiping the surfaces with a clean cloth and washing them with clean water, you can maintain the look and quality of your nerf bars. You can also polish them once they are completely dry. For your safety, avoid applying any cleaning substance that will make your nerf bars slippery.

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  • Tips for a Successful Installation of Your Dodge Durango Nerf Bars

    Your Dodge Durango is an SUV that is built with safety and durability in mind. It also comes with accessories that help provide the passengers with a convenient ride. A part of your truck's exterior accessories, your Dodge Durango nerf bars allow you to enjoy an ultimate driving experience without having to worry about stepping in and out of your vehicle. But because of their essential function and location, your nerf bars can also be prone to damage. Sooner or later, you will need to have them replaced with new ones. Good thing, you do not need to be a pro to have your new nerf bars installed. Here are helpful tips that can get you started:

    Tip #1: Make sure that the drilled holes in your vehicle match the mounting holes of your nerf bars.

    If your Dodge Durango has pre-drilled holes, installation of nerf bars will be faster. If there are no holes available, you must drill them personally according to the measurement of the bars. Just make sure that the new holes you'll make match the ones on your nerf bars and are sized according to the hardware you'll insert on them. Make sure also that each nerf bar fits your vehicle perfectly before securing it in place. Not all nerf bars have the same specifications, so if the said parts misfit, contact the merchant and have the nerf bars replaced with the right ones. Do not try to modify their structure just to make them fit into your vehicle.

    Tip #2: Ask for assistance when installing your nerf bars.

    You may encounter adjustment problems during installation. Thus, it is better if you have someone who can assist you throughout the process. You may ask for help in holding the bars while you ensure that each area is centered for fitting. The other person may also help you in securing the bolts of the nerf bars once you have adjusted their positions. Just make sure that before you securely tighten the hardware, the nerf bars are safe and convenient for use.

    Tip #3: Work on the front area first, and ensure that you have all the tools required for the installation.

    Start working from the front area of the nerf bars. This will serve as your guide before attaching the rear and the center areas. Also, make sure that you have all the needed tools for installation, such as the wrench and screwdriver. Do not hesitate to read your Dodge Durango manual for additional tips and information.