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Dodge EGR Valve

The Dodge EGR valve serves two important purposes in your vehicle, helping to maintain the efficiency of the ignition system and control vehicle emissions. Operated mechanically by a vacuum connection in older model vehicles, The Dodge EGR valve has evolved into an efficient electronic component in the late model vehicle. The Dodge EGR valve is mounted on the intake manifold of the engine in most vehicles. By helping to reduce engine knock caused by detonation of fuel in the engine cylinders, the Dodge EGR valve helps to keep the engine running at its best, producing efficient engine power and performance. Detonation in the cylinders can cause a number of performance problems in the engine, such as a loss of engine power, excessive pollution output in the exhaust and severely reduced fuel efficiency as well as making delicate engine parts vulnerable to damage. The Dodge EGR valve plays a part in the reduction of harmful vehicle emissions, helping to reduce the level of pollution produced by the engine. With the strict environmental standards to regulate vehicle emissions in most places today, the Dodge EGR valve is necessary to pass vehicle inspections, keeping the chemicals emitted from the exhaust to an acceptable level. Many of these chemicals are quite harmful to the environment, making the Dodge EGR valve of great benefit to our air, reducing the amount of smog and acid rain producing chemicals emitted by the vehicles on the road. We carry a selection of quality Dodge EGR valve replacements in our online catalog at very reasonable prices. Our secure site makes ordering your Dodge EGR valve safe and easy or our toll-free phone line is just as convenient, with courteous customer service assistants to help you.