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Dodge Grand Caravan Parts and Dodge Grand Caravan Accessories

Dodge Grand Caravan Problems

Dodge is a name associated with years of research and experimentation that led to the automobile innovations that we enjoy today. The Dodge Grand Caravan, in particular, had been one of the strongest contenders in the area of sizeable, family-friendly minivans. Although the Grand Caravan offers plenty of flexibility in terms of space, the vehicle lacks the remarkable features of the more powerful minivans. In fact, there have been recalls on some Dodge Grand Caravan parts due to underperformance and safety issues.

Power window failure

Although a vehicle's windows are not as crucial to performance as the engine, they could still cause difficulties on the road. The Dodge Grand Caravan has optional power windows that often succumb to failure. Grand Caravan owners complain that the power windows of their vehicle do not open occasionally-a big deal especially when there's a substantial amount of rain or snow. This problem is likely to be a result of window motor or regulator failure. Affected year models start from 1996 to 2005 (2003 models are not included, though).

Transmission problems

The Grand Caravan's electronic transmission has been the bane of many Dodge Grand Caravan owners. Episodic difficulty in shifting was one of the reasons why many Grand Caravans were recalled in the past years. The transmission solenoid issue affected the gear-shifting capability of the vehicle, and this pushed the manufacturer, Chrysler, to introduce a new electronic transmission known as the Ultra Drive. Although promising at first, the new transmission wasn't a big help in improving the vehicle's performance.

General electrical system concerns

The Dodge Grand Caravan seemed to have the most number of issues related to its electrical system. Wirings, ignition, and circuit breakers are some of the problems that initiated a recall on several Dodge Grand Caravan models (from 2001 to 2010).