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Dodge Grand Caravan Brake Disc and Pad Kit

Tips to Keep Your Dodge Grand Caravan Brake Disc and Pad Kit in Optimum Condition

Your Dodge Grand Caravan brake disc and pad kit allows your vehicle to come to a safe stop or to slow down every time you apply your brakes. This happens through the friction brought by the pressing of the brake pads against the brake disc. Because of their essential function, they must be kept in top condition at all times. Here are some helpful tips for the proper maintenance of your brake disc and pads:

  • Keep the brake fluid clean and replenished.

You must inspect and keep your brake fluid free from contaminants at all times. This is because a dirty fluid can affect your brake disc and pad kit. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake fluid is being circulated in the braking system, making it able to do its job well. This fluid will serves as the hydraulic force of the brake caliper, which will then give frictional force to your brake pads to press against your brake disc. So you must let your brake fluid undergo bleeding process especially if it is stored for a long period of time. This process involves filling up the master cylinder with new fluid, while the air is being pumped out from all the brake lines.

  • As much as possible, do not expose your vehicle to water.

Avoid exposing or soaking your brakes in water for a long period of time. You must also try not to drive over puddles of water. This is because your brakes can easily generate a huge amount of heat. Although the water can cool them down, your brakes require enough time to return to their normal operating temperature. The water can cause the metal of your brakes to be distorted instead of cooled down.

  • Use a brake cleaner to avoid contaminants in your brake disc and pad kit.

You must have your brake disc and pad kit removed at least once a month, so you can have a thorough inspection and cleaning. This is because dust and dirt particles may accumulate on your brake disc and pads, which can only be removed through wiping. For this matter, you can use a brake cleaner. This cleaning substance can help the unwanted particles to break down, which can further prevent your brakes from squealing.

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  • Troubleshooting Issues Linked with Your Dodge Grand Caravan Brake Disc and Pad Kit

    The Dodge Grand Caravan has an efficient braking system that keeps your ride safe whenever you decide to stop or decrease speed. Included in this essential system is your brake disc and pad kit, which work in tandem to provide friction for stopping the wheels. If you encounter problems in your vehicle every time you apply your brakes, you must be able to detect their causes. Here are some troubleshooting tips that can guide you:

    Different noises such as clicking and screeching

    If you apply your brakes and you hear a clicking noise, it is an indication that your brake pads are worn out. Another noise that you may potentially hear is a screeching noise. This means that the small metal shim of your brake pads is also worn out. An additional cause of a screeching noise when you step on your brakes is a brake disc covered with rust. The rust will settle on the disc when your vehicle became exposed to water for a long time. So if your brake pads press against a corroded brake disc, the noise is produced. However, this noise can stop when the rust is rubbed off because of the contact between your brake disc and pad kit.

    Evident noise similar to grinding metals

    Another noise that can be heard when you step on your brakes is similar to grinding metal. This is an indication that your brake pads are already worn out, which becomes thinner every time they press against your brake disc. On the other hand, if you feel that your brake pedal vibrates upon application, that means your brake disc and pads are already worn out or warped because of too much heat. As a result, your brake pads cannot make enough contact with your brake disc.

    Reduced braking efficiency

    If you feel that the performance of your braking system is reduced, that means that your brake disc and pad kit has worn out. This can also be manifested when your vehicle tends to pull to one side of the road although you do not turn the steering wheel. In addition, the decreased performance of your brakes can be caused by deep grooves on your brake disc. The deformed disc can damage the pad material once they make contact, which results to reduced friction and premature wearing out of your brake pads as well.