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Dodge Grand Caravan Bumper Cover

Care Tips for your Dodge Grand Caravan Bumper Cover

The Dodge Grand Caravan is perfect for travelling especially when your family is aboard. It is designed to maximize seating comfort for the travelers inside it. Likewise, it is capable of running at consistent cruising speed on the highway if needed. Despite the bulk of the accommodating body, designers have managed to put a little bit of aerodynamic touches on the vehicle. One of the components that have significance in the aero department is the Dodge Caravan bumper cover. It has to be crafted in such way that it is able to cut through the air, but not in a sports car fashion of course. After all, it is a vehicle for just getting you from point A to point B in comfort. Aside from its aesthetic and aerodynamic value, the panel is also your shield against front collisions. It is expected that the material of this part will crumple to reduce the force that will reach the cabin. Regardless, it is important that you take care of the panel for it to look well and brand new whenever you take your minivan out. Here are some things that you can do.

  • Wash your bumper cover with diligence and respect. It can be done whenever you do a car wash.

Having a car wash should always be a regular habit if you are a vehicle owner. This practice should be able to bring back the healthy bright look on the surface of the bumper cover. Why do this? Well, evidently because the entire body of your Grand Caravan gets covered with dust and mud whenever you travel out. You can start by rinsing the panel with clean water. This is an opportunity to push away the dirt that accumulated on the surface. After the rinse, use a wash mitt soaked in a car shampoo mixture to scrub the surface. This should further help the removal of dirt and other blemishes.

  • Apply a light coat of wax for a glossy finish and extra protection.

We recommend that apply a light coat of wax to your panel after washing it. Spread a thin layer and let it dry to a haze. Buff your panel to get a good shine.

Dodge Grand Caravan Bumper Cover Available Years

  • Tips on Installing a New Dodge Grand Caravan Bumper Cover

    Your bags are all packed for the trip. You watch your kids come down the stairs all excited to spend the weekend on the camp site. It is such a wonderful feeling to have knowing that you will be together with the entire family. So everyone started loading their stuff in the Dodge Grand Caravan. After putting everything in order, it is now time to get the family members to get to their respective seats. Let's buckle up and go! The day seems to be fine as you drive out of your garage. Then as you moved forward, you missed a nasty road hazard and badly damaged your Dodge Grand Caravan bumper cover. The accident was not so bad because everyone was safe. Unfortunately, the panel took the toll. It needs to be replaced. If you are the typical guy who wants to do things on your own, then you should be relieved. The bumper cover installation can be done in the convenience of your own garage. All you have to do is follow these simple steps. So what are you waiting for?

    Tip #1: Have someone to assist you for evaluating, clearing, and mounting.

    We recommend that you get someone who can assist you for all the operation involved in your bumper cover installation. Remember that this help can benefit you a lot because you will be able to lessen the time and energy required if you are to work on it alone. It can be very challenging disassembling an old panel and replacing it with a new one if you do it by yourself. Activities that would involve the help of that person include moving it around your garage, and holding it in place as it is being aligned and mounted.

    Tip #2: Unbolt the old bumper cover and other attachments to it.

    Unbolt the old bumper cover from your minivan. Carefully pull it out from the chassis while making sure the fog light wires have been already disconnected. Once cleared from place, check the chassis if there are any other issues.

    Tip #3: Bring out the new bumper cover. Align and mount away.

    Now that your minivan is ready, it's time to bring out the new bumper cover. Align it to the vehicle carefully. Once in place, tighten the bolts.