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Dodge Headers

There are a variety of ways that you can increase the available power of your engine to improve overall performance, and adding a set of Dodge headers is one of the easier methods of achieving that goal. Most vehicle processes draw their power, in one way or another, from the engine, whether directly or indirectly. An important means of increasing the power available for performance is to reduce the power used for other operations and a set of Dodge headers helps to do that by reducing the amount of energy the engine has to spend pushing exhaust out of the combustion system. The pathway that the exhaust exits the combustion area is made much less restrictive by the design of the Dodge headers, which offers each cylinder its own little exhaust pipe. This reduces back pressure and helps the exhaust move out more smoothly, which demands less power from the engine, allowing that horsepower to be used for other purposes. Adding a set of Dodge headers is typically a simple bolt-on procedure, and unless you are adding an ultra-high performing set, you probably will not have to make any modifications in order to successfully complete the installation process. Our easy to use online catalog features a terrific selection of Dodge headers, one that spans many years and models of Dodge. Our prices are reasonable, especially when compared to those that your local retailers are likely to be charging, and the savings that you'll enjoy buy shopping for your Dodge headers with us will be further enhanced by our standard policy of offering to ship all orders of $50 or more via free ground shipping. You can order your Dodge headers with confidence when you use our online ordering system, which is well encrypted for your complete protection. If it is easier, however, for you to order your Dodge headers by telephone, we have a toll-free number available for your convenience.