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Dodge Neon Parts and Dodge Neon Accessories

Dodge Neon Parts offer top-of-the-line parts like engine, radiator, spoilers, tail lights, headlights, fuel filter, spark plug, wiper blade, intake filter, hose kit and a whole lot more. The Dodge Neon engine maximizes intrepid performance, and blends nicely with the standard five-speed manual transaxle or available four-speed automatic transmission. This year, all Neon models come with an available rear spoiler, 16-inch performance tires and aluminum wheels, and brushed dual exhaust tips. Dodge Neon Parts, like all cars, trucks, and SUVs, use the same basic automobile radiator cooling system to keep its internal combustion engines from overheating.
As you might imagine, the heat from the controlled ignition of diesel or gasoline in an engine's cylinders needs to be dissipated safely to prevent an engine from getting too hot. The automobile radiator is a simple and elegant solution to the need for engine cooling. Another Dodge Neon Part is your spoiler. It is used to redirect airflow around a vehicle. For streetcars and trucks, a restyling component that doesn't actually affect aerodynamics in most cases, but that does make a vehicle look sportier.
There are actually several kinds of spoilers. Neon Parts like front spoiler, or air dam, is positioned under the front bumper. Rear spoiler mounts on top of your car's trunk lid and is used in racing to create down force. For pickups, there are also cab spoilers, tailgate spoilers, truck cap spoilers and tonneau cover spoilers. Plus, there are rear window spoilers for SUVs, minivans, vans and even cars.