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Dodge Neon Exhaust System

The waste materials from the combustion of air and fuel mixture that takes place in the car's engine are transported out of the vehicle through the exhaust system. This system serve as the excretory system of the car to push out unwanted toxic materials that can mingle with the efficiency of the various auto parts and accessories comprising the car. The exhaust system itself is made up of components working together to effectively and efficiently performs its expected task. Exhaust manifold, fan, tips, header, exhaust hoods, mufflers, catalytic converter, valves, header, air pump gaskets and hangers are just a few.

The tailpipe is the exhaust part usually situated on the rear exterior area of the car. It is the passageway for the exhaust to come out in the open. Catalytic converters are used by older car models together with one or more exhaust manifold and muffler. The manifold is positioned on the engine's cylinder head as the means for gas to pass through from the exhaust ports to the catalytic converter. The muffler minimizes the noise produced as the exhaust is expelled out of the car. Toyota

There are varied types of car mufflers but commonly used especially by modern car makes are straight through muffler and reverse flow muffler. Cars with reverse-flow mufflers come with several pipes and chambers. Four chambers and one double jacket are needed to muffle the noise. Exhaust gas has to pass through the line of chambers before finally passing into the tailpipe. Straight through mufflers on the other hand is composed of a central tube made up of several openings that lead the gas into the outside chamber equipped with insulating materials to minimize noise.

Any damage on the component comprising the exhaust system must be repaired at once. In case repair cannot restore the efficiency of the exhaust or any of the parts, replacement is the only choice left. Dodge Neon exhaust and other Toyota make replacements can be a good choice especially if the user wants optimum quality and performance.

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