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Dodge Neon Struts

Reasons behind Defective Dodge Neon Struts

A delicate compact economy car like your Dodge Neon requires strong and efficient car struts to support and stabilize its frame and body. Without working and fully-functional struts, your car might turn into a flimsy low rider and affect your driving performance. Failing to address the damaged struts can make your vehicle look frail. So, if you think that the stock struts have already exceeded their service life and have failed to provide their function, then better perform some troubleshooting. Here are just some of the reasons and culprits behind Dodge Neon strut problems.

Grinding noises when driving over obstacles

You may perform a simple diagnosis for faulty struts by taking your Dodge Neon to a drive and listening to noises when passing over obstacles or rough terrain. Faulty struts may produce a grinding, knocking, and scraping noise. This is because a faulty part's inner strut assembly hits against the outer strut assembly due to reduced strut tension.

Excessive road bounce and shake

The most common symptom of faulty car struts is excessive bouncing. Testing for one is easy as it is usually done without the use of special tools. Simply place your body weight on one end of the car and then release it, and allow the car to bounce. If you find that the Dodge Neon bounces more than two times, then you have a strut problem. This bounce test is even recommended by automotive experts as a DIY diagnosis.

Loss of shock fluid

Another indication of strut wear is loss of shock fluid. This leakage is caused by cracks in the strut's body or around its seals. To troubleshoot, simply check under the Dodge Neon for indications of car leaks. The leaking fluid is of hydraulic-type, which is necessary to produce force and tension to hold the suspension system.

Bottoming out

An easy way to tell if the struts are already worn out is by checking if the vehicle sits lower than usual. This is more prominently noticeable when the car goes over speed bumps or large potholes. You see, this can also be a sign of defective shock absorbers and soft springs.

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  • Simple Ways To Take Care of Your Dodge Neon Struts

    Do you ever wonder why your car does not constantly wobble or why it is able to withstand shocks from speed bumps or rough terrain? This is because the auto is equipped with fully-functional struts. Without efficient suspension parts on your Dodge Neon, you will have to deal with a rough ride and wobbly driving. If you need to know how to keep them in shape, then today is your lucky day. Here are quick reminders on how to take care of your Dodge Neon struts.

    Know when to inspect your struts.

    To address possible defects and damages, it is best to inspect your Dodge Neon's struts at least once a year. In fact, you should do so when you are about to realign your wheels. A yearly checkup is economical and helps you prepare in case you might already need a strut replacement. You see, inspection shouldn't be that complicated because all you have to do is observe for some cracks and leakages, and observe unusual bouncing when driving your auto.

    Rinse out debris and signs of corrosion.

    Every time you replace or disassemble the strut mount for maintenance, apply some lubrication to wipe off rust and corrosion. Simply apply some penetrating oil or penetrating lubricant to the upper strut bolts and strut galley, and allow the lubrication to sit for a few minutes. Once done, you should dump out the fluid and rinse the struts to wipe away the signs of dirt and corrosion. For the cleaning part, automotive experts suggest you use WD-40, PD Blaster or Liquid Wrench.

    Use JB-80 to address strut noise issues.

    Strange grinding noises should indicate that the struts on your auto already need some lubrication. You see, these suspension parts need adequate lubrication for them to allow a comfortable ride. If you have suddenly noticed noise coming from the struts, then better visit your local auto supply store, and buy a can of JB-80. Applying the lubricant should not be the hard. All you have to do is to clean all the grease and debris first before spraying some of the lubricant to the strut's internal surfaces and the interior part of the tubes.