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Dodge Performance Module And Chip

As vehicle customization and performance modification moves out of the realm of motor heads and into the automotive mainstream, more and more products are reaching the market that can help even the mechanically inexperienced achieve new levels of performance, and one of the easiest of these products to use is the Dodge performance chip. Even those who are comfortable under the hood and are used to being up to their elbows in grease and grime appreciate the power and convenience offered by a Dodge performance chip, as this tiny addition does what it used to take an expert mechanic with sophisticated knowledge hours to accomplish in just a few short minutes. Because many of the systems in the modern vehicle, such as the combustion system, are run by computer, a Dodge performance chip can make a variety of adjustments, releasing more power than the factory settings made available. Factory settings tend to be made to please the broadest range of people possible and to ensure performance under the widest range of driving circumstances, being less in tune with what the individual driver may find important or desirable in his or her particular driving circumstances. The Dodge performance chip is available to produce varying degrees of performance, ranging from those that just plug right in to the stock engine to provide significantly improved performance right up to those that provide ultra-high performance, though these types usually require other vehicle modifications. The Dodge performance chip typically takes just minutes to install and, if for some reason you want to return to factory settings, restoring your original settings is just as easy. Among the adjustments made by the average Dodge performance chip, and they do vary according to the specific chip you choose, are changes to your air-to-fuel ratio, enabling you to get the most power from your fuel and shift point adjustments for the automatic transmission, helping you to make the most out of that newly available power, as well as increasing the rev and speed limits. You can order your Dodge performance chip online, via our secure site, or with a fast toll-free phone call.