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Dodge Ram 1500 Van Parts and Dodge Ram 1500 Van Accessories

Quick Facts about the Dodge Ram 1500 Van

  • Rolling off the assembly line for the first time in 1981, the Dodge Ram 1500 van was first known as the "150." The name change from 150 to 1500 happened in 1989, which was followed by an external overhauling in the vehicle in the middle of the 1990s.

  • The name says it all. The Dodge Ram 1500 van is the half-ton macho fellow from one of Chrysler's automobile divisions. A heavy-duty cargo van in all its functions and exteriors, the big guy rightly deserves the name it has been baptized with, with the term "ram" used as an identfifier for Dodge's lineup of high-performing makes.

  • Emerging as a unique brand of vans and wagons, the Dodge Ram 1500 sports a unibody construction that allows it to have greater payload capacity and cargo space as compared to its counterparts from other car brands. According to Daimler Chyrsler, this advantageously sets the Ram lineup apart in the automotive industry in terms of heavy-duty capacity.

  • A certified powerhouse, the ensemble of Dodge Ram 1500 van parts allow the vehicle to have as much as 4,150 to 8,600 pounds of towing capacity. It can even haul loads that are double its own weight. This is made possible by the macho automobile's 175-horsepower, 3.9-liter V-6 engine. Ram 1500 takers can also opt to choose an upgraded version of the engine-a 235-horsepower, 5.2-liter V-8 compartment.

  • Although the Ram 1500's built is made mainly to perform laborious tasks, it still manages to have a homey interior set-up that can seat three to six people. This space has the dimensions of 41 inches at the front headroom and legroom, 66 inches at the front shoulder room, and around 63 inches at the hip room. This tough cargo van's cozy zone is even equipped with Dodge Ram 1500 van accessories that can definitely upgrade a passenger's riding experience. These include an AM/FM/CD player with six speakers and a tire inflation/pressure monitor, among others.

  • Now spanning four generations, the Dodge Ram 1500 van already has five different trims available for interested takers. These are the ST, the SLT, the TRX, the Sport, and the Laramie. They feature different specifications, but they all come in the same exterior dimensions. All five trim lines share the width of about 79 inches, height of around 75 inches, and ground clearance of 9 inches.

Dodge Ram 1500 Van Parts

Dodge Ram 1500 Van Articles

  • Dodge Ram 1500 Van Common Problems

    Half-ton in weight and robust in built with all its Dodge Ram 1500 van parts, this macho cargo van is sure to leave an impression of long-lasting strength and limitless capacities. The superb external capacity of the Ram 1500 is even backed by notable internal specifications, like a 390-horsepower V-8 engine in some units. But there are still weaknesses in the heavy-duty cargo van, and the list below tackles just that.

    Defective Dodge Ram 1500 van accessories

    Majority of the problems reported by Dodge Ram 1500 owners involve the interior accessories of the vehicle, particularly the dashboard. Most of the cases narrowed down on cracks and detached parts of the cargo van's dashboard assembly.

    Other issues with the accessories of the Ram 1500 van involve the window/door lock panels, the grab handle, and the driver seat fabric. Owners have reported loosening, breakage, and/or tears in this Dodge Ram 1500 van parts.

    Malfunctioning AC/heater system

    Another common predicament experienced by Dodge users is a malfunctioning AC/heater system. A number of complaints report an unexpected switch to defrost mode when the Ram 1500 van accelerates. Automotive professionals suggest a thorough inspection of the engine vacuum as this part mainly operates the system. Other experts-and even some owners themselves-relate the problem with a broken blend door in the HVAC system.

    Failing engine

    As reported by Dodge 1500 van users themselves, symptoms of a failing engine include overheating, dropping oil pressure, and knocking in that specific part of the vehicle. Car experts link this issue with oil sludge in the engine, which may be caused by a flawed motor oil circulation design. This issue is usually signaled by misfire codes that can be read from the engine checker. If left unresolved, the problem may cause further-and far pricier-damage to the car.

    Faulty leak detection pump

    Leak detection pumps are crucial in preventing engine failure by revealing hidden leaks and possible blockage problems, so a faulty LDP is expected to bring more trouble than benefit to the vehicle. This failure in the LDP's function is associated with carbon build-up in the vapor canister. It may also be a result of a sticking internal diaphragm switch, as reported in some cases.