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Dodge Ram 1500 Bumper

Steps to Take to Add More Years to Your Dodge Ram 1500 Bumper

Your Dodge Ram 1500 bumper speaks a lot about the kind of vehicle the Ram is. Though this is classified as a light-duty truck, the bumper itself is a representation of how sturdy and well-built the vehicle is. If you don't want to ruin that remarkable first impression about your truck, you have to do whatever it takes to protect your bumper against any possible damage it could get. Here are some tips on how to extend the service life of your Ram's bumper.

  • Drive carefully to avoid head-on collisions.

Of course, the best way to save your bumper from getting totally smashed is to drive carefully and avoid being involved in a head-on collision. Do not drive so fast especially when you're in crowded city streets. Be careful also when parking your truck as the bumper finish may get scratched once it hit any hard object in front.

  • Install protective bumper add-ons and accessories.

Bumper accessories come in wide variety, and you can choose one depending on the kind of protection you need for the bumper. If you usually take your Ram 1500 with you on your weekend adventures, you can choose to outfit it with a bumper guard or a bull bar. The bumper guard will take the brunt of any head-on collision, sparing your bumper from damage. The bumper guard will also protect the vehicle's front against the bushes and road debris that are very common off the beaten path.

  • Use a reliable car cover.

If the vehicle is parked, especially outdoors, it is wise to protect it with a car cover. Choose one that offers full protection and covers even the wheels. With a car cover, you won't have to worry about your car's paint being damaged by bird dropping and tree sap or about the bumper being scratched or vandalized by some pesky kids. Make sure, though, to get a cover with breathable fabric as this feature allows moisture to evaporate instead of getting stuck into the car's surface.

  • Avoid frequent, hard-core off-roading.

While off-roading can take your weekend or holiday adventures into a whole new level, the thrill doesn't come without a compromise. By just imagining the great outdoors, you can be convinced that there are a lot of things there that can cause serious damage unto your bumper. So if you're really serious about maintaining the like-new look of your truck's bumper, you'd better avoid serious off-roading. But if this activity really runs in your DNA, just make sure that your bumper is protected before driving it out of the garage and using it in traversing the road less traveled.

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  • Tips to Bear in Mind to Properly Install Your Dodge Ram 1500 Bumper

    The front bumper plays a huge part on how your ride will look like. So if you’ve got a badly dented or bent bumper in your vehicle due to minor frontal collision, you should have it replaced immediately so as not to ruin your Ram truck’s reputation. Whether you get an OEM replacement or an aftermarket Dodge Ram 1500 bumper, the process of installation is basically the same. The difference could only be on the way the bumper will be secured in place. If you’re set to do a DIY bumper installation in your Ram truck, here are a few tips to bear in mind to be able to carry out the task safely and properly.

    Tip #1: Familiarize yourself first with the process of installation required by your new bumper.

    Before you decide to do the job by yourself, make sure you are familiar with the entire installation process first for you to gauge if you’re apt for the task or not. It is wise to refer to the installation instructions in your Dodge Ram 1500 owner’s manual so you can be sure that the steps are specific to your Ram 1500. By going over the instructions, you’ll also know the tools you need for the job and if you need to do some drilling and modifications or not.

    Tip #2: Have an assistant handy.

    The bumper is no ordinary, small automotive panel. It is rather a long contraption that must be handled well and installed carefully to avoid any damage not just to the bumper itself but also to the part of the vehicle’s frame where the bumper will be mounted. That said, it is important to ask for someone’s help when installing it. Doing the installation all by yourself may just lead to damage or improper installation. You see, it always pays to have someone hold one end of the bumper while you’re working on the other end. By having an assistant, there would be someone who will double-check the bumper’s alignment before you secure it in place.

    Tip #3: Always use extreme caution when using a power drill in your vehicle.

    If the bumper you will be installing requires some drilling, then you’d better prepare safety gears as the power drill is no simple tool. If not used properly, it can cause personal injury as well as damage to the car frame or the bumper itself. Stick to the manufacturer’s instruction, as stated in the manual, so as not to end up with dissatisfying results. Be careful enough not only in handling the power drill but also in making hole. Make sure also that you won’t puncture the brake lines, fuel lines, electrical wires, and other objects that may get in your way while drilling.