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Dodge Ram 1500 Cold Air Intake

How to Take Care of Your Dodge Ram 1500 Cold Air Intake

It has always been a challenge to fully optimize the internal combustion system of vehicles. With a truck like the Dodge Ram 1500, improving its respiratory system can significantly boost engine performance because of the healthy supply of air being fed into the engine. Improved quality of air means better combustion. And better combustion means more power. We have a handful of aftermarket products that aid better air induction systems such as the Dodge Ram 1500 cold air intake. If your Dodge truck is already equipped with one, here are some tips on how to take care of this component. These steps are easy to follow and you can perform them in the convenience of your garage. Read along.

  • Wipe the cold air intake assembly once in a while.

You can keep the cold air intake assembly looking tidy in your engine bay by wiping it with a clean cloth once in a while. This gets rid of light layers of dirt that it has accumulated as you drive to your destinations. Whether you do it once a week or once every two weeks, it doesn't matter as long as you don't forget doing it. Reduce the dirt sticking to it by this simple step.

  • Disassemble the cold air intake assembly from your engine before a thorough cleaning.

To be able to do a thorough cleaning on your cold air intake, you have to remove it from the engine bay. Carefully unscrew the mounts and take them out piece by piece. Carefully lay the parts on a clutter-free surface for a pre-cleaning check.

  • Inspect the air cleaner and see how much dirt it has accumulated.

You should take out your air cleaner and inspect its condition. If it has collected too much dust already, you can either get rid of it or wash it. Before you decide what to do, you must check the kind of material your filter is made of.

  • Wash the filter with detergent and dry it before reinstallation.

If you have determined that your filter material can be washed, do so with extreme caution. After washing and rinsing it, let it dry before reinstalling to your truck.

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  • Tips on the Dodge Ram 1500 Cold Air Intake Installation

    When you have been driving your Dodge Ram 1500 for some time now, you hope that it can still be boosted by adding aftermarket parts. Lo and behold! It is a prayer answered. While cold air intakes have gained popularity among the import tuners, the American manufacturers were not left out. The brute American trucks can benefit from components like the Dodge Ram 1500 cold air intake. Aftermarket intakes ease the respiratory flow of engines and improve their power output. So if you have decided to go for the upgrade, here are some tips on how to install the Dodge Ram 1500 cold air intake. Read along and see how much these can help you.

    Tip #1: Choose among the cold air intakes that match your Dodge Ram 1500.

    It is very important to pick your choice of cold air intake from the components that match your Dodge Ram 1500 truck. This ensures that you get the right fitment and dimensions for your truck. Getting the right match the first time around makes your installation process quick and efficient.

    Tip #2: Determine how much increase in power you want for your truck.

    You may want to have a benchmark for the increase in your engine output. Cold air intakes can have varying improvements depending on their design and purpose. If you know how much improvement you want from your cold air intake, then you can narrow down your options to more specific products.

    Tip #3: Park your truck inside your garage before working on your engine.

    Parking and working on your truck inside your garage has benefits. It allows you to work close to your tools and have access to proper lighting equipment. Moreover, it reduces the risk of particles getting inside your intake system while you dismantle the old one and install the new.

    Tip #4: Let your engine cool down before you start working on the intake.

    Never ever work on your engine right after it ran. Working with a hot engine will give you burns and the fumes are not safe either. Let your engine cool down right after you park it in your garage before working on it.