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Dodge Ram 1500 Dash Cover

Tips for Maintaining Your Dodge Ram 1500 Dash Cover

The dashboard has been playing an integral part in containing gauges and controls for your truck. Not only does it create an ergonomic set-up for the driver, it also provides a distinct aesthetic appeal to your truck. During the 1950s, dashboards were still composed of painted metal adorned with chrome trims. Back then the dashboards looked ornate but sometimes less functional. Drivers also faced the problem of the dashboard glare as a result of the gloss coating given to the metal. However, as the automotive industry changed, manufacturers began using other materials when molding their vehicle's dashboards. Some, if not most, of the vehicles today are equipped with molded plastic dashboards. These are lighter and easier to replace but more prone to damage. Continued exposure to elements cause cracks and warping. To prolong the lifespan or beautify their truck's dashboards, some owners resort to installing products like the Dodge Ram 1500 dash cover. Here are some tips on how to maintain dashboard covers.

  • Dust the dash cover at least once a week.

Dash cover materials like carpet and suede can easily accumulate dust if you allow it. It gets worse if you let it sit there over a long period of time. Combined with moisture, these dust and dirt can stick to the material and ruin your dashboard ensemble. To keep that from happening, dust your cover using a brush and a vacuum cleaner. Gently but thoroughly run through the entire surface until you are convinced that your cover is free from dust.

  • Regularly check the mounting points for effectiveness.

The Dodge Ram dash cover is mounted to your truck's dashboard using Velcro tabs. You have to regularly check if these mounting points are still effective or already need replacement. If they do not work anymore, there is a possibility that some parts of the cover will go out of place and develop wrinkles.

  • Use the recommended cleaning solution to get rid of dirt spots.

Accumulated dirt will turn your dash cover darker (or lighter for black materials). You would want to use the recommended cleaning solution on the surface of the cover. After spraying the mixture, rub the dirt off using a clean wet cloth. Once the area has been addressed, dry it off using another clean cloth.

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  • Tips on Installing or Replacing Your Dodge Ram 1500 Dash Cover

    The dashboard is an integral part of any vehicle’s interior ensemble. It contains the different components that you use to control and monitor your vehicle. Aside from its essential functions, it also provides aesthetic appeal in order to improve the owner’s driving experience throughout the ownership of the vehicle. These are some of the reasons why auto manufacturers put a considerable amount of thought and attention to this area of a vehicle’s interior. But as the automotive market expands, things like economies of scale, ergonomics, and manufacturing integration are put into a deeper perspective. This is why dashboards have changed over the decades. From steel dashboards sprinkled with chrome trims here and there, manufacturers began using more and more plastic materials to create the modern dashboards. This is the same issue with American pick-up trucks. The downside of these light and easy-to-mold panels is their tendency to react with continued exposure to heat and UV rays. Over time, cracks and discoloration become apparent. One way of protecting the modern truck’s dashboard is by using products like the Dodge Ram 1500 dash cover. Here are some tips on installing or replacing this accessory.

    Tip #1: Inspect if the old dash cover has considerable amount of wear and tear.

    Dash covers are often made of materials like carpet or suede. Just like the fabric from your rags and seats, the materials experience wear and tear over prolonged use and exposure to elements. And since the cover acts as a primary protection of your dashboard against the sun’s UV rays, it is inevitable that you will need to replace it eventually. Things to watch out for are color discolorations, change in the material’s texture, tears on the surface, and warping from the original shape. If these symptoms are already apparent, then it might be time to replace your cover.

    Tip #2: Always clean and wipe your dashboard before mounting a new set of dash cover.

    You would want to remove all the dirt, adhesive residue, or any other obstructions on the dashboard surface before you mount the new set of cover. This ensures that no particles will be trapped between the layers which might cause damage on the plastic in the future.