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Dodge Ram 1500 Exhaust System

Maintenance tips for your Dodge Ram 1500 Exhaust System

When you speak about the Dodge Ram 1500 and exhaust system, the first thing that comes to mind is that low throaty rumble. It has that charm and commanding presence that appeals to gear heads, especially to fellow truckers. To make things more interesting, muffler tips and aftermarket pipes boost the exhaust sound quality further. Before you know it, your truck stands out from the crowd with the side pipes creating those beautiful exhaust notes out in the open. But when you have pieces like those, you should also be aware that caring for them is high priority. If you take them for granted, it is possible that the components in your Dodge Ram 1500 exhaust system get rusted out and holed. This is bad for your system because it can cut your power down and give you bad crackling exhaust sounds. So here are some maintenance tips for your Dodge 1500 exhaust system.

  • Take a good look at the mounting points of your exhaust system.

Because your exhaust system is located under the body of your Dodge Ram 1500, you should always take a look at how it is doing below. The exhaust system regularly takes flak from tons of road debris that you encounter every time you drive. Use the truck's ground clearance as an advantage for peeking. Don't forget to use a flashlight during your inspection. It will help you evaluate the current condition of your exhaust system and how badly it needs maintenance.

  • Clean your pipes regularly to avoid the build-up of rust and corrosion.

Given that the exhaust system is always exposed to the elements, you should be diligent enough to keep it clean once in a while. You can do so by washing it down with water to loosen the particles that can cause rust and corrosion. If you are able to do so, don't forget also to give it a good scrub using a sponge soaked in a mixture of water and car shampoo.

  • Park your truck in a cool dry place.

Give your Dodge Ram 1500 a proper garage. This is ideally a cemented ground complete with a shelter to ward off the elements when you are not using it.

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  • Installation Tips for the Dodge Ram 1500 Exhaust System

    Don't you love to hear the deep rumble your Dodge Ram 1500 keeps on producing every time you step on the gas pedal? It gives you a sense of satisfaction and life when you feel you are almost one with your work horse. You can also get a sense of assurance that your truck is running healthy as long as it keeps on churning out those awesome exhaust notes. But just like any other part, it will eventually be withered by the different elements that it will encounter in your journeys together. There might come a time that this once good "musical" instrument will end up sounding like a broken bag pipe. When this happens, you have to part out with your old exhaust system. It would be nice to have knowledge on how to put on the new one. Here are some installation tips for the Dodge Ram 1500 exhaust system.

    Tip #1: When picking out the replacement exhaust system, make sure that you choose only from the roster that matches your truck.

    If you want to be sure that the exhaust system will fit your truck without having to modify anything, then it would be best to pick out the part that matches your Dodge Ram 1500. To be able to pick the right part, you should be specific with the following details about your truck: year, model, trim, and engine. After sorting out your options, you can go for the original equipment route or the aftermarket route. Both options have their pros and cons, but we are sure you will be happy either way.

    Tip #2: Put your Dodge Ram 1500 on a lifter in preparation for the installation.

    The ground clearance of your Dodge Ram 1500 will not be enough to be able to properly work on your exhaust system. To be able to have enough room to see and tinker on the exhaust system, you should put your truck on a lifter and elevate it to a workable height.

    Tip #3: Have someone to help you install the new exhaust system.

    Dismounting and assembling exhaust systems can be quite a handful. You should ask help from someone who also has the aptitude for working with vehicles to be able to successfully install your new exhaust system.