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Dodge Ram 1500 Grille

Keeping Your Dodge Ram 1500 Grille Looking Clean and Mean

Your Dodge Ram 1500 grille is the opening of several slits at the front of your truck that allows air to enter the engine compartment. Nowadays, however, grilles have started becoming more popular for aesthetic purposes. If you are looking to jazz up your vehicle, there is nothing easier or more budget-friendly than painting your truck's grille. However, painting it is not that easy. If you're not sure how to start, know what your truck's grille is made of first and then follow the tips below.

Painting plastic grilles

Painting grilles made of plastic is not as easy as it looks. While spraying paint on the component may look nice at first, it will start to craze, peel, and come off only after a short period. In order to paint a plastic grille that will last, follow these tips before applying the color:

  • If you are painting the plastic grille while it is still attached to the vehicle, place layers of masking tape around it. On the other hand, if the component has been separated from your car, place lots of newspaper underneath it. This will keep the paint from seeping through and coloring the flat surface.

  • Sand the grille with a red scuff pad. This material rubs the surface raw and removes the glossy layer on top of the plastic material. Most plastic grilles have a glossy, smooth surface, making it paint-unfriendly. Lightly sanding the component allows for better adhesion.

  • Wipe the grille with wax and grease remover, then clean it off with a towel. These remove any existing grease from fingerprints or old wax from cleaning products that are still on the component. Removing these is important as the grease and wax might interfere with the paint.

Painting chrome grilles

Because chrome grilles are non-porous, they are not really suited for painting. However, by following these pre-painting tips, you can find a way to change the component's color:

  • Using a steel wool, scrub the chrome grille with a trisodium phosphate cleanser, then rinse it with a water hose. Once the component is rid of the formula, let it dry for two to four hours.

  • If there are portions of the grille that you do not want to paint, cover them with painter's tape-the blue ones that are easy to take off. Also cover the surface where the component is on with drop cloths or newspapers.

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