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Dodge Ram 1500 Headlights

Detecting Causes of Bad Dodge Ram 1500 Headlights

It's not a good sign when the headlights of your Dodge Ram 1500 begin to act funny. These are parts that you would want to be steady and reliable especially during nighttime drives. Unfortunately, the Ram is plagued with various lighting issues that have hard-to-identify causes. The obvious solution to headlights that won't turn on is by replacing old bulbs with new ones. However, it's possible that doing this is too easy to be true. Read this guide to help identify the signs and know the symptoms of bad Ram headlights. To give you a lead on how to tackle the issue, we've included probable causes to help you diagnose and solve the problem.

Headlights don't turn on.

Test the stock bulbs first on another vehicle or on a tester to see if the problem is with the lights or with the truck's electrical system. If it's in the system, a common culprit is a faulty headlight switch. No amount of turning a bad switch will result to lights that will turn on. Other than this, moisture on the fuse and other parts when the car is subjected to cold weather can also affect electrical flow.

Lights are limited only to high beam or low beam.

Functional headlights should be able to change between low and high beams with a simple turn of the switch. If what you have on your truck are headlights that only ignite on one setting and die on the other, check the wiring going to and from the assembly. There might be a short somewhere in the circuitry that disrupts the current to the headlights. Other than this, it's possible that the ground wires for proper management of high-voltage leaks aren't connected properly.

Bulbs flicker or only one side works.

This is one of the most complicated issues associated with the Ram's headlights. There are two main routes you can take to diagnose this kind of problem. First, check for any loose or damaged wires and connections. Second is to check the truck's Front Control Module which acts like an electrical relay. The latter route is more expensive and time consuming to do. But if the problem lies in this part, replacing this ensures you of reliable lights in the future.

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  • Three Ways to Keep Dodge Ram 1500 Headlights in Good Condition

    The Dodge Ram 1500 is constantly exposed to different dangers that can damage its different components. Among those vulnerable parts are the headlights that allow you to see through the blinding darkness of the night. There are some things you can do to keep these lights in good condition. It's always better to maintain rather than to buy and replace. The following are simple and practical maintenance tips you can do to avoid the hassles and dangers of driving around without adequate visibility:

    Adjust the headlights once in a while.

    One trouble that plagues Ram owners is the movement and misalignment of the truck's lights. As you travel through unpredictable bumps and rough treks, the bulbs' housing and socket get shaken up. The result is lights that aren't pointing in the right direction. Not only does this make driving unnecessarily difficult, bad lights can also annoy drivers of incoming vehicles because the beams are pointing in the direction of their eyes rather than on the road. You always want headlights that point forward so that these show the way for you. Adjust these once in a while to avoid further inconveniences.

    Protect the lenses.

    Headlights rely on clear plastic lenses for their beams to shine at their brightest. If these aren't enough, the limited illumination is going to give you a hard time navigating at night. It's essential that you take all steps necessary to protect the integrity of these lenses. There are various covers and skins available which you can install to shield these against small debris. Other than dirt, you should also be wary of fogging. You can use specialized cleaning products or various DIY techniques for getting rid of the clouding.

    Use high-performance bulbs and handle them with care.

    Besides taking care of the lenses, there are some things you can do with the bulbs to maintain and improve the brightness of the headlights. Feel free to install brighter HIDs and projectors. Just make sure that the electrical system is capable of handling the extra power needed to turn on these stronger bulbs. In terms of handling, wear gloves so that you don't stain the glass with oil from your skin. The oil attracts extra heat which can dramatically shorten the life of the bulbs.