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Dodge Ram 1500 Mirror

How to Take Care of Your Dodge Ram 1500 Mirror

Driving a big chunk of American iron can be an equally daunting task and an enjoyable experience. After all, you really can't resist being behind the wheel of a powerful beast that presents a dominating presence on the road. Its V8 rumbles enthusiastically as you step on the pedal. However, responsibility also comes along with such an enticing truck. One of those is being able to see where you are going and spot the vehicles around you. This is the purpose of the Dodge Ram 1500 mirrors. These components extend out from the sides for you to be able to see the traffic behind you and make good judgments on the road. And to ensure that the mirrors continue to provide you clear vision as much as they can, you have to know some tips and tricks on how to preserve your mirrors in their best condition. Here are some that you can use to keep them looking like new.

  • Include your mirrors whenever you do your regular car wash.

This is a no brainer. As parts of you truck, the side mirrors should be treated with the same amount of tender loving care the rest of the panels get whenever you give your truck a car wash. After all, who wants a clean truck with dirty side mirrors sticking out like a sore thumb?

  • Rinse, scrub and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

To clean your dirty mirrors, you have to direct a steady stream of clean water first to rid them of loose dirt and grime. After loosening the particles sticking to your mirrors, you proceed with scrubbing them using a sponge soaked in a car shampoo mixture. This will help you restore your mirrors to their clean condition. If there are still grime in hard to reach areas, you can use a brush and gently scrub the remaining grime out. Rinse again with clean water to remove the shampoo residue.

  • Dry and buff your mirror with a microfiber cloth.

To give your mirrors a good shine, use a microfiber cloth to dry them up after the wash then use another one to buff them up with the help of a car glass cleaner. You would want to stay away from common household glass cleaners with ammonia because of its bad smell and harmful effects to your truck's components.

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  • Replacement and Installation Tips for Your Dodge Ram 1500 Mirror

    Having effective side mirrors significantly reduces blind spots when you are driving on the road. This goes especially for large American pick-up trucks. Driving these behemoths, like the Dodge Ram 1500, on and off the road can be quite a challenge. But this challenge can be compensated by the equally large Dodge Ram 1500 mirrors. These components extend all the way out from the front doors of your truck to provide you your much needed vision on the sides. However, there might come a time when one or both of your trusty mirrors would need replacement. If this occasion arises, then you have to be ready to do so. Here are some tips on replacing and installing the mirrors for your Dodge Ram.

    Tip #1: Inspect your old mirror and look for broken mounts, wires, etc.

    When you are in the process of dismantling the old mirror, take note of the different components that comprise the assembly. You should watch out for broken mounts, loose thread in holes, and faulty wires. If there are any issues with those components, you should consider getting a replacement kit that has them as well.

    Tip #2: Get the right replacement part for the year, model, and trim of your truck.

    You do not want to waste time installing a new mirror only to find out it does not match your truck. It is a waste of time, effort, and money. Aside from that, you risk breaking the wrong part during installation. That might give you a headache.

    Tip #3: Prepare the basic tools needed for installation.

    Installing the new mirrors will require you to take apart the assembly mounted on the door. You will need to use your basic tools such as the screwdriver to loosen the attachments. If you have to do some rewiring work, you will also need to have your pliers and cutter handy.

    Tip #4: Handle the side mirror assembly with care.

    You should be extra careful when handling your new side mirror assembly. Mirrors can easily break when they are dropped or bumped. Breaking them and having to buy another one should be the last thing on your list. Be careful!