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Dodge Ram 1500 Mirrors

Common Hiccups and Quick Fixes for Your Dodge Ram 1500 Mirrors

These days, cars and trucks may come in different shapes, sizes, classes, and price ranges; however, mirrors will always be a constant in all of them. As a safety feature, they're absolutely indispensable, giving you a view of those areas that you simply aren't equipped to see-unless you have eyes in the back of your head, or the sides for that matter. Yet, as important as they are, most people just don't pay much attention to them until they malfunction or break down. So, here are a few things to look out for to determine if your mirrors need to be fixed.

Side mirrors: malfunctioning controls

Surprisingly, short of a rock to the mirror, the most common problem experienced with mirrors are in the structures that control and adjust them. Side mirrors have two ways by which they are controlled: electrical and mechanical. The former is the more modern of the two, with the controls a bit of a ways away from the mirror itself-usually on the door's armrest. The latter is the older and more common-usually a little joystick parallel to the mirror, inside the car. While these are generally very sturdy, they do sometimes wear out and become unresponsive or even loose.

For the electrical version, the fault usually lies in the wiring and is, surprisingly, an easier quick fix than the mechanical version. You just have to get at the wires by dismantling the cover of the door and reconnecting or replacing the damaged wires. The mechanical ones take longer to break down, but when they do, it's usually harder to repair because it involves cracked and broken-off plastic parts. In fact, when a mechanical window control starts to break down, it's better to replace it.

All mirrors: patching up damage

Mirrors are fairly fragile little things, and it isn't uncommon to have them break or crack over time. If you need to use them-and of course you do-as you drive down to a shop for a quick replacement, epoxy putty is effective as a temporary fix. Replacement really is the only way. A patched up mirror comes with problems of focusing-sometimes, the damage also impairs visibility. Since these mirrors do not cost too much, they're worth replacing the minute they start taking on damage.

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  • Tips in Keeping Your Dodge Ram 1500 Mirrors in Tiptop Shape

    Even a powerful truck is dependent on something as simple as mirrors to safeguard its drivers on the road. The three mirrors-one rearview, two sides-all team up to give you a view of the road around you. Needless to say, they're well worth the effort, so always take care of them and keep them in the best shape as much as possible. It isn't rocket science, either-with these simple tips, you can make sure that your Dodge Ram 1500 mirrors stay in the best condition for the longest time possible:

    Keep them clean and polished

    People forget that the most basic way to extend the service life of something is to simply keep it clean on a constant basis. Over time, a mirror left on its own will start to fade, fog-over, and even discolor. While it's not too expensive a thing to have any of your mirrors replaced, it certainly poses a great danger to yourself and your passengers to leave them non-functional.

    Cleaning is very simple, all you need is a good wipe with a soft, clean cloth every day-if possible-to keep it shiny and new. Every week, apply a solution of vinegar and water. This simple solution is enough to ward off dirt and dust that can possibly build up.When your mirrors start to get a bit dull, it may need a spot of polishing. There are many commercially viable polishing products in the market, but for a quick spot of polish, a paste of cornstarch and water is sufficient. Use gentle circular motions to apply then buff, and use another clean cloth to remove the paste altogether.

    Be aware of any damage

    Another thing that you can do that is also fairly simple: just constantly monitor the state and condition of your mirrors on a regular basis. Apart from the actually mirrors themselves, it's important to look over the physical state of the housing and the joints upon which your mirrors pivot. The housing tends to crack and break down over time, while the pivot joints tend to wear out and become loose. When this happens, a little tightening is in order-if possible-but a replacement is more preferable and economical in the long run.