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Dodge Ram 1500 Tail Lights

Signs That Your Dodge Ram 1500 Tail Lights Are Going Bad

The tail lights of your Dodge Ram 1500 allow you to communicate with your fellow drivers on the road while you're driving. Through light signals, you can tell them if you're making a turn, slowing down, or making a stop. Although they do not really play a huge role in your car's overall performance, these lights are responsible for your car's visibility and safety on the road. That is why broken tail lights should never be ignored. Aside from getting a ticket for not having it fixed, damaged tail lights may also lead to conflicts with other drivers on the road or even accidents and injuries. Here are signs to watch out for so that you'll know if your Dodge Ram 1500's tail lights are going bad.

Not all the lights are working.

If one or multiple tail lights have stopped working in your Dodge Ram 1500, there are a couple of things you need to inspect carefully. A single malfunctioning tail light could be the result of a bulb that has burned out. You may access the bulb through the trunk's trim and examine it for broken filaments. If one of the filaments is broken, it is most likely to be the culprit behind this problem that will require a bulb replacement. If multiple lights stopped functioning at once, there is a huge possibility that you have a blown fuse. Inspect the fuse to see if the thin metal strip inside it is broken. If the fuse appears to be blown, a replacement is necessary.

The wirings are damaged.

If your bulbs and fuse are in good condition but the lights are still not working, then there could be something wrong with the wirings in your Dodge Ram 1500's tail lights. Inspect the connections and check if they are all solid. Also check the internal surfaces for signs of corrosion. If there is a short or damage, examine the wiring that is exposed to the tail light housing. If you see signs of damage on the wires of your tail lights, have it checked by a professional mechanic as soon as possible.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Dodge Ram 1500 Tail Lights in Good Condition

    The best way to avoid accidents on the road is to make sure that your vehicle's tail lights are in top condition. These lights serve as your main communication device that will inform your fellow drivers of your every turn, stop, and change in speed. Broken tail lights won't directly affect your vehicle's function and performance, but it may increase the risk of road conflicts and accidents. Aside from that, your Dodge Ram 1500's busted tail lights might even result in a ticket. To avoid these problems, here are a few helpful tips on how to keep your tail lights in top condition.

    Replace the broken bulb and bulb cover.

    One single malfunctioning tail light can cause major problems when it has been neglected for a long period of time. If your tail light has a broken bulb and bulb cover, replace them immediately. Just make sure to get rid of any rust or corrosion before putting the new bulb securely in place. Do the same thing if you are installing your new bulb cover. Wipe off any dirt or dust before putting the new covers on. Also make sure that it's oriented just like the old one before you tighten the screws.

    Keep the tail lights tightly sealed.

    Dirt, dust, water, insects, and other road debris can get inside your trunk if your tail lights are not properly sealed. If these kinds of contaminants are starting to enter your trunk, it's time to remove your tail light's old and broken seal and apply a new one. You can use butyl tape, sealant gel, or a liquid adhesive. Just make sure to clean and dry the area first before applying the new seal to ensure a secure bond between the two surfaces.

    Repair the cracks in the lens cover of the tail lights.

    If the lens covers of your tail lights have cracks, repair them immediately to avoid water and dirt from getting inside the lights because these might blur your lens, dim your lights, or cause an electrical problem. With the help of a crack filler or a plastic lens repair kit, repairing your Dodge Ram 1500's broken tail light lens cover can be relatively easy.