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Dodge Ram 1500 Tailgate

Common Problems Encountered With Dodge Ram 1500 Tailgate

Your Dodge Ram 1500 tailgate gives you easy access to loading and unloading your cargo at the back of the pickup. As it is not that resistant to wear and tear, you may encounter a number of problems that will impede your access to your loads at the truck bed. Sometimes, the tailgate simply just won't open or close. Here's a quick guide to help you identify the causes of such troubles.

Jammed latch areas

A jammed latch prevents you from opening the tailgate. Check if there is something stuck in the latch. Sometimes, it can be the latch mechanism itself that is stuck. You can opt to put some lubricant to see if that is indeed the problem. But in the case that the lubricant doesn't work, you had better take off the access cover and remove the retaining screws and latch retainers. Check if there is any debris or whatnot that keeps the latch from working properly. Another probable reason why it won't open is a broken tailgate spring mechanism.

Tailgate won't open or close smoothly

If you find a hard time opening or closing the tailgate or if you hear creaks and squeals while forcing it to open or close, the trouble might just be with stiff hinges and joints. If you manage to open it up enough, check the hinges for rust and corrosion. To prevent this from happening in the future, the hinges must be oiled or lubricated at least twice a year to prevent further corrosion.

Falling tailgate

The purpose of the tailgate cables is to make sure that the tailgate is level with the truck bed when it is opened and also to ensure that it does not fall. A worn tailgate cable will have some rust damage, which weakens its tensile strength. Check the cables from one end to another regularly so as to be able to prevent them from ever snapping, and thereby prevent a falling tailgate.

Nicks and scratches

Depending on the load you carry every now and then on your Dodge's truck bed, the tailgate is bound to get scratches, big or small. There is even the danger of having the paint chipped off in some areas. Dents can also become common if you don't load up your stuff more carefully.

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  • Tips for Maintaining Dodge Ram 1500 Tailgate

    Your Dodge Ram 1500 tailgate keeps the load on your truck bed from falling off the back of your vehicle. It gets exposed to nicks and bumps whenever you put or take loads to and from the truck bed. Here are some tips to prolong its useful life and avoid problems such as crumples, scratches, stiffness, and even loss from theft.

    • Open and close the tailgate with care.
    • To avoid ending up with a tailgate that won't open or close, the first thing we recommend is that you open and close it with care. Lift the latch carefully when opening and lay the tailgate down slowly and softly. If you just let it fall every time, it would soon seem like a huge truck bumped you on the rear because of the scratches, dents, and creases.And when you close it, be careful that there are no pieces of debris or rocks found in between the tailgate frame and the end of the truck bed that may impede its closing. If there is anything present, remove the debris by hand before closing the tailgate. Lift it up with both hands and give it a good push until it clicks into place.
    • Oil the joints.
    • Like normal doors and gates, the hinges and joints of the tailgate also need to be regularly oiled. You can use WD-40 for this. Such a measure not only prevents creaking but also protects the metal from rust. Doing this a couple of times a year will get rid of the stiffness of the hinges.
    • Install a tailgate protector.
    • If you use your Dodge Ram 1500 for transporting bulky items, there is a high possibility of getting scratches all over the top side and/or the inside surfaces of the tailgate. To avoid this, we highly recommend that you install a tailgate protector. There are tailgate protectors that you can get for as low as 30 USD, including discounts.
    • Prevent tailgate theft.
    • Dodge Ram tailgates are made easy to remove because some owners need to take them off from time to time for loading purposes. It also makes it easier to clean if it is disengaged. However, this poses a great opportunity for tailgate thieves. To keep your Dodge Ram 1500 tailgate from getting stolen, we recommend that you get a product that locks the tailgate to your vehicle and only you can be able to take it apart.